Does Opal Make A Good Engagement Ring? Getting The Most Out Of Opal

Do you want an engagement ring studded with a gem other than a diamond? Are you looking for a stone with a beautiful pastel tint and moonlight sparkle? Opals are an excellent option for engagement rings because of their alluring, iridescent brilliance and aesthetic look. There was a misconception about opals being unlucky and ominous for special events like weddings and engagements. Nevertheless, this belief has no true roots.

Opals are currently thought to encourage ingenuity and represent faithfulness. Moreover, they make an ideal engagement ring because they perfectly picture your relationship’s unique spark and passion. Their rarity makes them very appealing to people looking for truly unique jewelry. Here's all you need to know about opal engagement rings.

Opal Stone:

Opals are exceedingly rare gemstones that are prized for their play of color with enchanting lustrous. The stone was first named in Sanskrit as Upala, which means precious stone. Later, the Greeks called it ‘opallios,’ referring to witnessing color change. Opal birthstone is found across the World, particularly in the geographical regions where dry spell follows seasonal rains. The entrapped rainwater in sedimentary rocks leaves behind silica deposits and illuminates in rainbow hues iridescently, which we call the play of color.

Opal is an October birthstone associated with people born under Libra and Scorpio zodiac signs. It designates the moment when darkness and daylight are harmonious and balanced. Thus, it's perfectly reasonable, given that Libra values harmony in their life and embraces stability. Opal birthstone pens a fascinating past due to its magical brilliance and lucky charm. In Roman history, opal stones were presented by men to their wives as an emblem of romance and fidelity.

Pros And Cons Of Opal Engagement Ring:

The pros of opal stones are magical and infinite. As a symbol of purity, genuineness, fidelity, hope, and truth, opal is a good choice for engagement rings. Moreover, its exquisite play of color and pearly pastel shades make it the best stone for a jewelry article to gift a Libra. Its physical, emotional, and metaphysical healing properties are surprisingly incredible.

Regarding the downside, opal stones are not as sturdy as diamonds but are soft stones prone to scratches. Nevertheless, you can always opt for the best opal birthstone in terms of hardness, toughness, and stability, which is a value for money. A detailed description of the benefits of opal engagement rings is as follows.

The Healing Opal:

Physical Healing:

Genuine opal birthstones provide a wonderful blend of highly amplified vibrational energy and therapeutic powers. Not only does it stimulate the imagination, but also it attracts positive energy, optimism, invigorating resonance, and harmony. Additionally, it can serve as a lucky charm to aid the owner in luring anything particular to their aura.

The iridescent brilliance of the opal birthstone magically works to restore the luster and sight of the eyes. It is spiritually reinvigorating for the skin, hair, and nails. Opal has been used for centuries to ease premenstrual and labor pains. Furthermore, it is appreciably blissful for the liver and kidneys. Opal strengthens liver function and diminishes water retention, which heals edema and inflammation.

Natural opals are thought to be suitable for physical recovery. This so-called semi-precious gem boosts the body's immune system and lowers fevers while treating infections. Opal aids in relieving excessive pressure and making your breathing process more manageable if you are experiencing chest tightness or respiratory discomfort. Moreover, it will be a reliable companion on your path to recovery of complete wellness.

Emotional Healing:

Opal encourages you to part with past sorrows, mindsets, and associations that don't support you anymore. This stone represents only positive development and empowerment. Rather than leading you to reconciliation, it will assist you in overcoming your emotional barriers. Opal inspires us to behave appropriately beyond superficial psychological treatment. It is crucial in life because it enables us to comprehend our actions better and make adjustments as needed. With no effort on your part, it mends dysfunctional relationships and failing marriages.

Attracts Wealth And Prosperity:

Pearly white opal has long been regarded as a prestige and fortune emblem. Opal has a reputation for being a stone symbolizing richness, grace, and grandeur because of its relative scarcity and distinctive features. Opals are an excellent gemstone nowadays, thanks to their stunning clarity and compelling charm.

Gesture Of Love and Intimacy:

Opal has been connected to sensuality, libido, eroticism, desire, and romance. Many claims have been made regarding this crystal's effects on intimacy, affection, and passion. It is a very alluring stone that heightens human emotions and facilitates the letting go of restraints. Moreover, it encourages you to try novel experiences that you and your companion will find enjoyable. Opal brings out your untamed and daring side. So try and spice up your sexual life.

Types Of Opals For Engagement Rings:

Here's a list of opal stones for your engagement ring with magical benefits. You can opt for one or two according to your required effect.


Benefits and Associations

Boulder opal

Strengthens and balances emotional and physical health.

White opal

Improves serenity and peace of thought

Black opal

Fosters third eye connection, bringing insight and perception.

Blue Opal

Inspire ambitions and inventiveness.

Green Opal

Aids in body cleansing and healing while encouraging meditation and contemplation.

Red Opal

By achieving a right-left brain balance, one can produce pleasant behaviors and patterns.

Fire Opal

Mostly orange and red and aids in reducing tension and exhaustion.

Pink Opal

Heals spiritually and strengthens love and relationship.


The Buyers Guide:

Though opal stones have numerous magical benefits and are exquisitely beautiful and elegant; they are fragile and prone to scratches. Therefore, you should consider a few things when buying an opal stone for your engagement ring.

The Tough Boulder Opal:

Boulder opal is the best for an opal engagement ring since it is relatively durable. Queensland boulder opal is more robust and has a benefit above all other forms of opal because of its exceptionally tough natural ironstone foundation. Although they are appropriate, black, pearly white, and crystal opals do not possess the durability of boulder opals. Moreover, their distinctive, "free" morphology encourages design innovation and creativity in engagement rings.

The Secured Bezel Setting:

Always opt for a bezel ring setting. It is a "must-have style" for engagement rings that feature opals because they offer considerably superior security and safeguarding for the gem. The rim of the gemstone is surrounded by a  gold bezel that protects it from abrasion and keeps it firmly in place. Particularly in rings, claw fittings are significantly less durable, offer minimal security, and can deteriorate over time.

Low Cabochon:

Cabochon refers to the dome of the gem. Select the gem with lower cabochon when opting for an opal for your engagement ring. It is because a higher cabochon is susceptible to scratches and damages.


How Much Does An Opal Ring Cost?

Opal stones come at various prices depending on their quality, luster, and rarity. They can cost as low as 10 dollars to 20 000 dollars. Common opals are inexpensive, yet high-grade one-carat, more delicate stones are expensive, some even more than a diamond.

How To Know If An Opal Is Real?

Natural opal stones are irregular and curved due to the natural formation of the gem. In contrast, fake opals are flat since they are artificially created and flattened to perfection.

How To Clean An Opal Ring?

Wash your gem with warm water and make a lather of unscented soap. Gently wipe away the surface and wash it. Dry it thoroughly and avoid scrubbing the surface.

Taking It All In:

Opal is an emblem of hope and fidelity and a gesture of love and compassion. The benefits mentioned above of opal birthstones eradicate all misconceptions about opal being unlucky. When in reality, opal is a lucky charm and magical spell to strengthen relationships while bringing health and prosperity to couples.

Written by Zahid Adnan
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