Do you do custom work or commissions?

I no longer take custom orders as my best work happens when I have full creative control. I have a small and highly curated stone collection to work with and it works best for me to pair them as they are asking to be.  I do however love to hear what people are looking for and take it into account the best I can when I'm designing my new collections. My rings are all custom sized before shipping, making any ring customizable in that aspect 


What types of metals do you work with?

I am currently working in solid 14K yellow, white and rose gold.  I often combine colors in a piece to compliment the tones of the gemstones. I enjoy 14K for its high luster, scratch resistance and durability. Occasionally I will use a 10k necklace chain because chains tend to look like a higher carat of gold than they are, because sue of sections reflecting off of each other.  This way the chain matches the pendant's gold color


Can I wear your opal jewelry in the water?

Yes! Solid Australian opals are one of the few types of Opal that are waterproof, and the only type that I use for this reason, to maintain my standard of heirloom quality. 


Are your gemstones natural or synthetic?

I only use natural gemstones for my jewelry, as the basis of my art is the high alchemy gemstone combinations made by harmoniously pairing healing gemstones in a specific way to reach higher frequencies.