Aloha! If you’ve come to visit my shop and there are only a few things or it’s empty, that’s because I’m working hard on my upcoming collection.

You can now view my Coming Soon collection to view previews of new pieces as as I make them for the next drop

You can also follow my Instagram page for sneak peeks and to watch my collections unfurl as I work on them. (Also a great place to message me if you have any questions.)

Each month I create a small batch of lovingly made heirloom quality talismans and most of them typically sell out on the first day of the release. It helps to know what you’re loving before the collection release goes live, and to be registered with Shopify’s Shop Pay app so that you’re information preloaded for speedy checkout and you don’t have to scurry to enter your address and details at the moment of the release.

Join my newsletter and SMS notifications lists to not miss the creations and also to receive the 24 hour VIP discount that I offer for the day of the release!!

Email and SMS text subscribers are the first to know about new collections, and pricing.   you’ll get a notification about new collection before it goes live (the morning of) and you’ll receive exclusive notification of my mid-release popup pieces that I only alert subscribers about- these happen at random times between releases. 

•The email list will come before the release with full details and pricing of each piece that will be available.  

•The SMS text notifications will go out as a more "in the moment" reminder 15 minutes prior to the release as well as at the moment of my  popup listings  so that you don’t miss out.

I aim to do one new collection each month of the year

All pendants are sold as pendants alone and chains can be purchased separately at wholesale cost.  

If you purchase more than one item at different times of the day, just reach out, and we will refund your for any double shipping costs.

Rings are custom sized per your request before shipping, down to 1/8 size increments.  It helps to go to a jewelry store or jewelry department to get an accurate measurement either before or shortly after making your purchase.  I like to wear longer rings on the pointer or middle fingers (anything much bigger than 20 mm) and I list the dimensions of everything in the emails that are send the day before or the morning of the release.

I also offer free ring sizers to those in the United States. Feel free to send me a message and I’ll send you the listing.

Packages are mailed from Hawaii and are fully Insured by us and packages go out usually the following Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday depending on when I get everything sized and wrapped up. Thank you for taking the time to read about my process and I hope that I create something that calls to your spirit. 


Wishing you a beautiful day!