Shipping is generally 2-5 days within the US, and on average 3-7 internationally, not including the customs processing which is different for each country. 

Please note that USPS Priority Mail Express states that it is one day shipping, however since we are sending from Hawaii, it is typically 2 business days.

For Prority shippnig, pease add 2-3 business days to the shipping window, although some shipments will arrive in 2-3 days total.

Shipping costs vary based on your selected shipping service method selected. We do not charge any extra handling fee. We offer UPS and USPS as shipping methods.

If there is a customs process for your country that requires you to make a customs payment, you are responsible for making the payment and communications with them.  If we get a query from a shipping carrier about your product in customs, we will contact you to make sure you also got the same request. 

Return shipping will be paid for by us only if there is a repair needed.  Most repairs and resizing requests will be made without additional costs, depending on the circumstance. 

If you find that you need a different size ring than you ordered, I only ask that you pay for shipping back and forth, and shipping insurance if you would like to have it, but Im happy to resize your ring for free.