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I have followed Angel Alchemy for almost 2 years coveting all of the designs. I decided earlier this year I would gift myself a Unicorn Ring when I got a new job. This ring is phenomenal. The size, the colors, the everything is perfect. I couldn't be happier.

Stunning piece of art

More beautiful than expected. Much thought and intention is put into her work! Delicate, stunning and one of a kind. I’m happy to add this to my collection.


Exquisite. I have wanted tanzanite earrings for a long time, and I am thrilled with these. Mandi’s earring jackets are so versatile and like everything else she makes, full of beauty and magic.

gorgeous it!!

Had this pendant made into a ring. Mandi actually suggested it and it turned out beautifully. Absolutely love it and looks beautiful next to another piece i got from Mandi


This ring was beautiful in the pictures on Instagram, and it is even better in person! Gorgeous stones, excellent quality setting. I wear it nearly every day and am getting many compliments! Love the unique style and feel of this ring.

La Luna Cuff 🌈💖💜

What a gorgeous piece of Angel Alchemy! I was supposed to be in crystal jail when Mandi posted this piece, and given how rarely she makes cuffs, I couldn’t help myself. The pink theme with rose gold is my favourite colour scheme, and the centre opal is simply divine! More blue based than it looks in the product photos, it has flashes of mint/green that come to life in different angles. This piece is a beautiful complement to pretty well any of my other pieces and is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. As always, a stunning piece to be treasured! Thanks Mandi 🤩🌈💖💜😍


These gold earrings are gorgeous and I have been wearing them everyday since I got them. Looking forward to future purchases!


I am in love with my new piece from Angel Alchemy Jewelry! I've worn it every day and have received so many compliments from friends and coworkers. I cannot wait for my next piece! I'm probably going to need a larger jewelry box soon :-)

Beautiful moonflower

I begged my husband for this ring as my next Birthday gift. It’s gorgeous! The opal is gorgeous w green and blue fire hints of lavender, peach and pink. The spinel is a beautiful pink color that matches perfectly. It’s very beautiful and I’m so happy I was able to get it!

Stunning Ring

I cannot get over how I own something so beautiful!!! I could seriously stare at my ring all day. Everything about it is made perfectly. I am in love!!!!

Tanzanite earrings

Love these! As a very active person who also deals with kids in a clinical setting, these earrings ga are so perfect! They’re lovely and functional.

Absolutely Stunning =)

The piece is perfect & stunning. I’m excited to surprise my partner with it soon <3!

Gorgeous glowing pendant 💜

A beautiful glowing purple piece, made with love and I feel so proud wearing it! A wonderful purchase and highly recommended seller. Thank you!

Sparkle! Love! Magic!

These earrings are spectacular. I love the design, and the color and sparkle are pure magic. I had been wanting some pink earrings for a while and I’m thrilled with these. Mandi’s jewelry is always so well made. I have several of her pieces and each is an exquisite treasure.

My fav three stone ever

This ring is so beautiful. The opals have a wide range of colors from pink to green to blue and the cushion cut tourmaline is very pink and sparkly. Truly a stunning piece!!


There is nothing else out there in jewelry stores or the internet that matches the design and quality of Mandi’s rings. Really enjoying wearing this beauty.

Absolutely beautiful ring. Highly recommend Angel Alchemy if your in the market for some fantastic jewelry.

Very Beautiful

Opening the box to this ring was a burst of glow..just gorgeous and meticulously made..Just lovely!


My first purchase ever and she’s a beauté! I had no idea it had been shipped and it was here at my doorstep. Can’t wait to get another piece!!

Rainbow Unicorn Magic Wand 🌈🦄💖🔥

Angel Alchemy pieces are so unique and identifiable on sight, and none more so than Mandi’s unicorn ring design 🤩 I’ve always admired the design and thought that if I ever got one, it would be one of the ombré/gradient style unicorns. However there was something special about this talisman that really resonated, with the pink tones and gorgeous fiery rainbows. The opal colouring feels subtle with almost pastel tones in natural light, but then comes to life with rainbow fire in the sun. Beautifully made and perfectly sized, Mandi is an artist who weaves magic in every piece she makes. Love my unicorn!

Stunning and unique

I am so happy with this piece from Angel Alchemy. Such wonderful craftsmanship & & is such a unique & stunning piece. Thank you for creating such beauty! ✨

Absolutely magical

I am beyond thrilled with my stunning purchase. It has far exceeded my expectations in every way possible. The workmanship and stone quality just blows my mind. What a talented lady you are Mandi! I have been purchasing jewellery as a buyer for my shop for over 10 years and I’ve never seen anything like this. Original, totally magical and I am in love! Saving now for a ring …..

Absolutely stunning!

I have always admired the artistry of Mindy from a distance. I'm in the email newsletter and also follow her on Instagram. Her jewelry is so magical and exquisite. Recently, I decided to treat myself and I bought the most gorgeous ring ever. La Luna design, a stunning Australian pink opal with tourmaline and sapphire resting in solid 14k rose gold. Saying the pictures didn't do it justice is an understatement. I can't stop staring at it; It's literally breathtaking. I had a little mishap with USPS delivery. I received a delivery confirmation email when it wasn't, in fact, delivered yet. This obviously got me stressed since my initial thought was my package was missing. I received the package two days after the email notification. Mindy's husband Bobby personally called me and helped me navigate through the USPS casualty. They both treated me so kindly and were empathic about the situation. When I finally received it, they celebrated with me 😊. Now that I own a piece from Angel Alchemy Jewelry, I'm a forever customer. Mindy, thank you so much for sharing your art and magic with the world 💖