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Consciously created and beautifully made...

The energy of this piece is amazing.... I feel incredible wearing it and get so many compliments. The communication with Mandi, even before my purchase, was wonderful and when my ring arrived it was more beautiful than I could have imagined! I highly recommend ♥️✨

Overwhelmed with stone quality

I found Mandi on Instagram, not knowing that such a beautiful concept regarding the process of generating jewellry does exist. There is definitely magic in the work Mandi does. I cannot described how I got tears in my eyes when finally holding the masterpiece in my hands or better on my finger. The stone quality is sooooo good, the cut so precise, the sparkle of the stones is incredible. This is definitely not the last piece from her. I would love it if Mandi could go back to a little customs work again ;-)

Opal ring

Beautiful ring , can’t wait to wear this beauty on my special day definitely going to buy more jewelry from this shop , Such good quality gems

Gorgeous and powerful

Gorgeous and powerful
The quality of my ring is unbelievable. The shine is remarkable and you can feel an intense energy from each stone. I am enjoying the fit and feel. It brings an earthy joy to my city living.

Love love love

I cannot describe how beautiful my pendant is! Mandi is so talented! 10 out of 5 stars!

Obsessed !!

Beautiful and magical in every way. This ring brings such good vibes and energy. The work on it is impeccable and unique. I couldn’t be more happy with my new Angel Alchemy addition.

Soo Pretty and purple

I was looking for violet/purple/pinks in an opal ring and this ring is so so beautiful! I love the design and the color scheme, her work is truly amazing! Now I need to add a blue green one to my collection!

My new favorite

The most beautiful delicate, bright & shiny feminine earrings I own, yet I still can accidentally fall asleep with them in!
They are strong enough for my rough & hard on things lifestyle and while at the same time make me feel elegant without having them to be that pair you only can wear out once and while. . .


As expected, the pendant is even more magical in person. The stones are amazing, the design is awesome, and the craftsmanship is excellent. Can't wait for the next batch of new pieces!

Magical Hunab Ku talisman ring

This is my second incredible piece created by Mandi. Her artistry is amazing and her joy and passion in creating these heirloom treasures makes her work even more special... so special in fact that I haven't taken the gold talisman ring off since I received it. Love the vibes!! Thank you for sharing Mandi!!

To The Moon

I put these earrings in the day I received them and have not taken them out since! They are solid but so light in the ear that you don’t even know you’re wearing them! I absolutely love all of Mandi’s creations and these didn’t not disappoint!!!

One of the last Semi Custom Mini La Luna Pendant (Australian Opals, Moonstone in Rose Gold)

Where do I begin? Last year, The Universe sent me Mandi. I wanted a pendant made with stones that actually resonated with me on spiritual level but made with love and care at the same time. Thus, the hunt began for the necklace made especially for me.

April 2020-April 2021
After finding my twin girls their "made for me" necklaces, I happen to see in one of the "suggested for you" profiles, two of the prettiest stones paired up with the option of a pendant or a ring. I click the profile and I'm brought to Angel Alchemy. As I browse the page, I am in awe at the breathtaking jewelry posted. I follow the page IMMEDIATELY and send a message off PRONTO, cause I gotta own a piece from this brilliant human being.

After a quick salutation, I find out that two stones that caught my eye had been sold but the person responding offers a similar set of stones in place of what's been sold. I'm bummed 😞...

Feb 2021
But a ray of sunshine 🌞, peaks through. After watching all of the pieces being posted I screenshot my favorites and keep them stored, I figured let me reach out again and actually chat with the creator, if possible. So, I reach out again and Mandi, as I find out this beautiful souls name, and I conclude together, that whatever stones call out to her for me is what will be.

March 2021
Mandi reaches out..
The stones for me have found Mandi and they have come together for creation.
After more conversation, Mandi and I have more in common than we actually know, and we are on two opposite sides of the country 😊💜💙.

April 2021
Mandi reaches out, asks me about a couple of options, which I loved. One stone had a small flaw and Mandi was not going for that, she honors her craft, values the integrity of her work and is also transparent. And by this time with all the synchronicities happening, knowing everything is as it should, I consider Mandi a friend and trust her input. So the pendant includes both of our likes.

A cherry 🍒 on top of the cake 🎂....Luna was scheduled to arrive on 4/26 and she was excited to unite with me as I was with her, that she arrived on 4/24, having left Mandi on 4/21.

I am beyond satisfied with my purchase. The whole process was smooth as butter. Not only do I now have my forever necklace (more purchases to come) but I also found a friend in Mandi. Thank you so much for bring her to life 🦋🧿💙💜🧚🏾‍♀️🌸🌺

Pink Starlight

I fell hard for this ring as soon as I saw a picture and I’m thrilled to have it. It’s ethereal, exquisite and truly a talisman inspired by love. Mandi’s jewelry is always so beautifully made, and feels like it comes from her soul. I treasure it.

Mini La Luna ring in solid 14k rose gold semi custom reserved
Doreen G.
The ring of my dreams

This ring is a dream come true!!!!!
Mandi did perfect work on this 😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
The stones are the most beautiful I got to see in person EVER!
The opal has a really special fire and energy - so does the VERY high grade moonstone and the facetted soft pink sapphires are the perfect addition to that special set of gemstones. I LOVE it!
I have never seen a more beautiful piece of art/jewelry before - it’s unique and just magical!!!
I am just so thankful and honored that I got this handmade piece from one of the most talented jewelry artists I know.
I am beyond happy with my ring! ♥️

Cosmic Starry Magic!!

I am soooo obsessed with Mandy’s special creations and artistry. This ring is delicate and feminine with major cosmic goddess energy. I am so in love with it!! I literally cannot stop gazing at it. Mandy creates pure magic with her stone selections, pairings and goldsmithing. This is my third piece of hers and I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed 💫💫💫Thank you so much Mandy!

Absolutely gorgeous!

Somehow these earrings are even more beautiful in person! I love that I can wear the jackets for the full effect, or just have the opal studs. They are dainty and well-crafted. Just gorgeous!!!

Wearable Cosmic Fascination

The whole process to get a personal piece was extremely fluid as Mandi is very easy to talk to and work with. The actual piece itself is beautifully crafted. Once my fingers lightly touch the stones you can feel the power of their magic. The piece itself is made with fine precision upon closer inspection. No out of line or misplaced anything nor scratches. I like that my piece came with a polishing cloth. I received it within 2-3 days upon her finishing it. It feels very light on my chest. It’s a very ethereal and delicate yet powerful as a fine jewelry talisman. Thank you Mandi for bringing magic to life 💜. We are happy you are here to show us the beauty of Earth and the cosmos in crafting timeless pieces.

Hunab Ku ring in solid 14k yellow or rose gold preorder
Lisa Wagner

When I slipped on my Hunab Ku ring it felt like a homecoming. The slight curve makes the Hunan symbol rest in a way like it was meant for my finger. Like all of Mandi’s creations, it’s incredibly beautiful and well made. Though it’s always been obvious how inspired she is by the stones she uses in her pieces, with this design her artistry with metal work shines all on its own. I love it. Thanks, Mandi.

A pleasure to work with, as always!

I could not stop thinking about the paraiba tourmalines the first time Mandi posted them. I dreamed of an all-blue and green creation, and Mandi certainly delivered. My pendant is marvelous and I smile every time I wear it - you can tell it's very well-made and the stones are such high quality. Thank you so much, I am so in love!

This is such a beautiful ring, and the colors are so enchanting! You can feel the love and care that Mandi puts into her craftsmanship.

Dripping in Beautiful Jewels

I love adorning myself in jewelry and this piece adds so much to my body and energy. It’s well crafted and absolutely stunning. The photos and videos don’t do this ring justice. Imagine you’re wearing it on your own finger. Wowza!!!!!!!!!!!🤍🌈🪄🥰 It is delicate, so be mindful of not hitting your hand on the floor at yoga, etc... I’m so in love. Mandi is a creative genius with a beauty filled eye and spirit. 🧡

Beautiful work and stunning colors in the stones! All that aside the care and attention you receive as a customer is beyond lovely

La Luna Grand talisman ring is <3

This is the most beautiful effin ring I've ever seen. I can feel it charged up full of love and magik!! Mandi was incredible and super helpful especially when there were shipping issues after winter storms here in southern Texas. I am blown away by her craftsmanship and creative mystical vision. 10 out of 10 want to buy every piece she makes. You would be silly to not invest in her masterpieces. Seriously I can feel the warmth of the goddess blessing my hand as I wear it. More than worth the money <3<3

Gorgeous, even better in person!

I was keeping my eye on these earrings for months after I saw them on Instagram, and finally I couldn't resist them any more. The stones are amazing and the craftsmanship is excellent. They are more delicate than they looked in the picture, but that just made them even better. I'm glad I gave in to my craving!

Gorgeous ring, high quality craftsmanship, true talisman

While I saw excellent photos prior to arrival and expected a beautiful ring, I was blown away upon receiving it and seeing in person. The balance, flow, and symmetry of the piece create a harmonious, classic impression while also being unique and ancient in design. Timeless and powerful, a true talisman. Can't wait to get more jewelry from Angel Alchemy!