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Gorgeous, even better in person!

I was keeping my eye on these earrings for months after I saw them on Instagram, and finally I couldn't resist them any more. The stones are amazing and the craftsmanship is excellent. They are more delicate than they looked in the picture, but that just made them even better. I'm glad I gave in to my craving!

Gorgeous ring, high quality craftsmanship, true talisman

While I saw excellent photos prior to arrival and expected a beautiful ring, I was blown away upon receiving it and seeing in person. The balance, flow, and symmetry of the piece create a harmonious, classic impression while also being unique and ancient in design. Timeless and powerful, a true talisman. Can't wait to get more jewelry from Angel Alchemy!

Magical Ring

Absolutely adore everything about this ring! The opal is magical and the morganite and star rubies are just as amazing. Fits perfectly, arrived quickly and looking at it just makes me super happy.

The opals are so pretty in this ring! Looks really beautiful in person with the moonstone being the middle stone. Well crafted and looks great next to my unicorn ring!

The Sky On My Hand

Mandi, this shop’s owner and jewel creator, is a special and talented woman. I wanted a particular color palette and Mandi took my request, worked with me to find just the right stones, and created a masterpiece! I own many valuable pieces of jewelry but I must say this is my favorite! Thank you, dear one, for bringing joy and beauty into my life!

Such beautiful colors - and this ring has such a happy feel ! Quick responses from Mandi, and I was happily surprised at how fast the ring arrived in the mail ! Highly recommend

This is such a beautiful ring! The colors look amazing in all types of light, well crafted and such a fun design - very happy with my purchase. 😊 💕


Purchasing from and dealing with the owner directly for this beautiful piece, brought joy to my day. Thank you so much, Angel Alchemy :)

Always very happy

Mandi created a pendant and earring for my sister’s birthday. Her jewelry has a very good energy that comes off of them. Idk how she does it, but i use her pieces as good luck talismans. They are truly beautiful and amazing. I also love how her jewelry looks even more magical in person. I will forever collect her work. Completely in love.

Starlight Magic

I am so in love with this magical beauty!! The stones glow and shine so brightly and truly capture the cosmos! This is my second ring from Mandy. Her work is just so unique and powerful and special. I feel so connected to her work and the intention and love she puts into her stones and pieces. Thank you!!!!

Ring sizers

Just received the ring sizers and they are so helpful especially in this time of Covid! Now I can be sure that the ring being made for me will be the perfect size! Thank you 😊


Absolutely love these threader earrings! Overall the earrings are incredibly well made. Mandi was so great to work with, I contacted her to see if she could make these in a particular gem combination I had seen her do before but was currently not on the site. Lucky for me she had what I was looking for and was able to make this set. The combination of opal and moonstone is so dreamy, and I am so happy with them. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Dream piece

This ring is what my dreams are made of. I’m so honored to wear this piece and it couldn’t have been more of a breeze going through the process of purchase. I am a customer for life. Thank you!


Mandi made a replica of the goddess pendant for me. From the moment I saw it, I was SO drawn to it so I reached out to her. The original was sold but she happily offered to make another for me. Chatting with Mandi over the whole process was an absolute pleasure and it was nice to build a relationship with her - getting to know the artist behind the creation I was purchasing. Now that I have the pendant, my love for it has quantified and I think it’s because of all the love and intention Mandi puts into her work. This pendant is the second piece of jewelry I’ve bought from Mandi and they are both so special to me. The pieces are incredibly beautiful and carry such an ethereal vibe. I’m so so happy and extremely grateful to Mandi for making such beautiful gifts and her willingness to re-create a precious piece. So very happy with these beautiful pieces from Mandi 💜🔮 Thank you so much 🥰🙏🏽


This ring is more beautiful than I could have imagined! It is apparent that each opal is special, unique and carefully chosen for their synergy. The workwomanship is spectacular and Mandi’s customer service and communication is top notch! I will definitely be buying more jewelry from Angel Alchemy in the future! Thank you so much for everything!

Tanzanite earrings

Words and pictures do not do these earrings justice. The stones are magnificent, the gold work is beautiful. These are heirloom quality and so special. Thank you

Magical Unicorn Ring

This masterpiece was a custom made one for me. I asked Mandi for one of her beautiful Unicorn Rings in a pink gradient. I follow her work for a long time now but her favourite colours to work with, luminous turquoise and purples don’t fit my personal aesthetic that much. She then contacted me with a stone pairing that was absolutely phenomenal but! That was not even it! Once she finished my ring and she sent me the first picture she said she upgraded the rainbow moonstone in my ring to an ultra rare pink moonstone! I couldn’t believe it. It is beyond gorgeous. I love the pink flashes it gives off whenever I move my hand. Wow! I‘ve never seen anything like it!

Thank you again dear Mandi, for making my dream ring come to life. It is the most magical treasure I own and I will cherish it forever!

A piece of Magical Art

I'm the fortunate winner of this ring at the auction of Himalayan Children's Charities, which Mandi donated to raise money for the children in Nepal. This well-made ring has an incredible high-quality opal that is eyecatching indoors and outdoors and even on photographs taken from afar. Simply put, this ring is a piece of magical art comprising an act of love and kindness that brings happiness to me every day. Thank you Mandi!

Amazing piece of art!

I can't say enough about how gorgeous my ring is...a true piece of art!

Amazing most beautiful ring ever made

I am absolutely astonished and blown away by this creation! So grateful it is mine and I get to wear it everyday of my life and get to pass it down to my future children!!


This pendant is out of this world - seriously. The opals are incredibly radiant and complement each other so well. The craftsmanship is stellar, as is to be expected with Mandi's work. Thank you thank you thank you!

Stunning sparkler!

I am so in love with this ring. The stones are a perfect pair - and I especially love how glowy this opal is. The ring is sturdy yet dainty. Mandi is a phenomenal artist and I am over the moon to have yet another one of her creations.

Quality and Care

This is piece is so much more than I could have even dreamed is beautiful. The care and precision show in the quality of the ring. It is a piece I will absolutely have for a lifetime. So incredibly happy. Highly recommend!

Purpliscious Unicorn Ring

Mandi's creations never cease to amaze me. The stones she put together for this wondrous piece of eye candy were so divine and soothing to the soul. She is an amazing creative energy who puts love in to all her splendid pieces of art. 🥰🦄🍭

Wearable Magic!

After discovering Mandi's work on instagram and becoming completely enchanted, I began to wonder how every single piece she makes has such an otherworldly glow. Was it a trick of the light? Special photography? Now that I finally purchased a ring of my own, I can tell you there are no tricks--only Mandi's exceptional talent combined with the most thoughtfully sourced, luminous stones on earth. I am IN LOVE with this ring, which is even more enchanting and beautiful in person. And on top of the fact that I can't stop gazing at it, it's SO comfortable to wear. Mandi was so great to communicate with--she responded to my query within minutes, was super helpful, and resized the ring for me THAT DAY so that it was en route to me the very next. Her jewelry is magic, and I'm so happy I finally brought a piece home. :)