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Super bright and flashy

This is the brightest opal I own! It’s stunning with all the lime flash it has to it. Lightening ridge opals are known for being amazing and this truly is. Mandi has an excellent eye for design, her work is gorgeous.

Even Better IRL

Truly, the photos do not do justice to this ring. The stones are beautiful with wonderful sparkle, and the ring itself is delicate yet substantial. Hoping to be able to make another purchase in the future, thank you, Mandi!

LOVE my La Luna Grande

Simply spectacular! The La Luna Grande design is sooooo pretty; with the longer length, symmetry and intricate details, it just has something a bit extra that draws the eye and feels magical. I usually prefer rose gold, but there was something special in the alchemy of this yellow gold beauty that drew me in. The two opals fire throw less pink tones than I’d hoped/expected, yet I absolutely love the piece exactly as is! Such is Mandi’s gift as an artist, and fitting of the name Angel Alchemy; her intuitive stone and metal pairings complement and just come together so beautifully to create pure magic. I simply can’t stop admiring my La Luna Grande talisman!

More Beautiful than expected

I love this ring so much. It is gorgeous and light weight. Mandi answered my DM right away and I was able to purchase. I CANNOT wait to purchase another piece of magic!!!💜💜💜


I’m in love. This ring is so gorgeous. The opal is unusual sometimes it’s all peachy and glowy and then other times all I see is blues and greens. Thank you it’s beautiful

Moonflower Magic

So extremely happy with my moonflower ring. The colors in the gorgeous stones are nothing short of magic. Incredible craftsmanship and Mandi was an absolute gem (pun intended) guiding me through the purchasing process.


I cannot stop staring at my Lavender quartz ring you made. It is truly mesmerizing. I love it!!!!

In LOVE!!!

I LOVE this ring. I have been following Mandi’s work for a while and admire how beautifully she designs all her pieces. When I saw this ring I knew it was meant to be mine. It spoke to my heart. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Mandi! Also, everyone I showed pictures before it arrived says it is even better in person and I agree!

Stunning craftsmanship WOW

Stunning is the first word that comes to mind. Very efficient in sizing and shipping. Couldn’t have asked for a better shopping experience and proud to shop from an independently owned shop. Highly highly recommended Thank you Mandi

Over The Moon for this Moonflower Pendant!

I now own several pieces of Mandi’s jewelry and I adore each and every one! The opal on this pendant is just phenomenal and the tanzanite color is gorgeous and so super sparkly! Fabulous design and stone pairings! But that’s what Mandi does!!! ❤️

🌈✨Like wearing magic✨💕

I’m absolutely in love with this mini moonflower ring. It’s like looking into another galaxy. I see a new color wink at me everyday. Beautifully made, perfectly sized, I can feel the intention Mandi put into creating this masterpiece. So magical and meaningful - this ring brings me so much joy!

Twinkle little gems

Loved how they twinkle and shine on my finger!


I absolutely love this piece, I bought it as a gift for myself when I had a record 3-quarters in a row in my business. My daughter loves it too :)

Pink Tourmaline & Opal Galaxy Floating Ring

What a beautifully balanced piece of art! The priestess of hearts stone pairing was perfect for me as an October baby; the opal is like a tiny stormy rainbow galaxy, and the tourmalines add some dazzling sparkle. The quality of the delicate rose gold setting is evident, and it’s clear the whole piece is beautifully made! Angel Alchemy pieces really do feel like they carry a bit of magical energy, and I constantly find myself staring at it to admire! Mandi is a true gem to deal with too, highly recommended!

Beautiful Piece of Art!

Beautiful stones and craftsmanship on the ring I purchased for my was the perfect gift for the birth of my daughter and the opal birthstone is a nice touch. It is truly a unique style and piece of art that one day will go from mother to daughter.

Moonflower Magic

I’ve always loved Mandi’s Moonflowers (both the stunning design and beautiful meaning behind it!), and it was the first design that caught my eye and got me to start following Angel Alchemy!
So I was absolutely thrilled to be able to adopt this beautiful talisman as a gift to myself as an October baby.
But it’s not possible to capture an opal’s range of fire and personality in a photo and the piece was even more incredible in person!
The opal stone has a more blue body than I first realised, and throws beautiful sunset coloured undertones in some angles, but also flashes aqua and even green in other angles too!
Mandi’s workmanship is impeccable, the custom sizing was perfect and her passion, care and effort is evident in every little detail.
Mandi is such a beautiful soul and was extremely patient and helpful throughout the whole experience.
I am an Angel Alchemy fan for life now!


A beautifully crafted ring with high quality stones and craftsmanship. Obsessed!

The most stunning piece

From the design , the flawless settings , the gorgeous stones, this ring is Amazing and will be one of my most treasured pieces . I couldn’t love it anymore .

My magic wand 🧚🏻‍♂️🔮💕

This unicorn ring is the most amazing piece of jewelry I have! It looks more magical in person and I can just keep looking at the fire in every play of light! The opals are very high quality and this particular ones have orange and pink sparkles!! ✨ Mandi is extremely helpful with the sizing and it fits perfectly!

I adore my Hunab Ku ring!

This ring and it’s symbolism are quite literally perfect! As I have gotten older, I’ve really moved away from generic, mass produced jewelry. I want every piece I wear to be a personal talisman. Mandi had this ring sized and shipped super quickly, and it’s truly gorgeous.
I’m so happy - Thank you Mandi!

Love It!

This pendant is the perfect piece! It will go from casual to dressy without a thought! Absolutely love this design and the stone pairing! Thanks again Mandi! ❤️

Gorgeous as expected

This necklace is beautiful, the stones are amazing, and the design perfectly matches my earrings. Love it!

Beautiful color play

This ring is so beautiful! The colors are amazing, and the color play changes with different lighting. Mandi puts so much love and care in her pieces, very high quality work.

Floating minty tourmaline and Australian opal

This ring far exceeded any picture or what I had expected.You are an artist and beyond .no one can put a price on any of your pieces…because they are priceless…mine definitely is.. I can’t wait to purchase another…Thank you..

La Luna Grande

Hubby Collected the mail and bought the package down to my studio and wow so so happy with my beautiful ring this is very special to me. Representing my mum and dad love it so much. thank you 🙏 Mandi