Materials and Process  

Stone Selection


I’ve had a special connection with gemstones since I was a kid. I have a feeling for their unique energies, and in my work. the stones are the stars of the show. My Talisman pieces are a product of my love for nature, the cosmos and all things wondrous and magical- expressed through a uniquely developed style and approach.


Intuitively, I weave together the elements of the stones combined energies to reach higher realms, combining the stones unique qualities, color schemes, and play of light for synergistic harmony...this is the alchemy of each piece created.


My family and I search across the globe for the ultimate Angel Alchemy gemstone elements and I’ve gone so far as to learn lapidary arts as well so that I can cut and polish stones into the perfect shapes and sizes for my bespoke designs. I do not use doublet Opals or hydroplane Opals. I use solid Australian Opals for their resilience to fading or cracking.


My approach to my art is ever unfurling and evolving and using natural gemstones means that each creation is truly one of a kind. For example, I rarely ever see the precise coloration and qualities of an opal more than once. They are all unique! 


Alchemy of Metals


14k yellow, rose and white gold are the metals I use in my designs to frame, accent and merge the stones into beautiful talismans. The metals are also chosen based on aesthetic appeal and energetic purposes. White gold is cooling, yin, and of the moon and Gold is warming, activating, energizing, and of the sun. I love combining gold tones when the stones are calling for it. I use 14k for its color, durability, scratch and tarnish resistance. I use solid gold as opposed to gold filed for its longevity for my heirloom quality pieces, and to properly honor quality of natural gemstones that I use. I favor bezel setting over prong settings for their smooth aesthetic, resilience, and snag resistance. my pieces are intended for everyday wear and are built to be passed down to loved ones. My intention  is that my creations will accompany you for years of magic and joy!