February Birthstone - Amethyst

Amethyst is the most beautiful and alluring purple gemstone that has been a part of the jewel industry for centuries. The birthstone of February, amethyst, comes in various purple hues ranging from the lightest lilac to the deepest violet. Being a crystal, it has refined lustrous and unmatchable iridescent brilliance.

It is widely used in making jewelry articles like rings, earrings, bracelets, crowns, and pendants. An emblem of strength and purity, the amethyst gemstone is loved by February-borns. The following description explains its real meaning, symbolism, healing powers, and other characteristics.

February Birthstone Meaning:

The striking amethyst gemstones have a rich record of connotations and characteristics, each beneficial due to their reputation for fostering humanity's greatest desires. The Greek word ‘amethysthos,’ which means "not drunken," is where amethyst gets its moniker. Ancient Greeks donned amethyst and fashioned beverage containers using it because it has long been considered to help prevent intoxication and overconsumption.


Amethyst symbolizes inspiration, protection, and cleansing. It purifies souls and blood and fortifies the body’s immune system. Thus, it protects humankind from maladies and enemies. It relaxes the mind and soul and aids in meditation, which helps relieve psychological disturbance and insomnia. Moreover, being protective, this purple gemstone eradicates nightmares and phobias.

This purple quartz was frequently inscribed during the Revival of European Art with animal signs representing safety and protection. Moreover, the world's most renowned emperors have donned amethyst gemstones as an emblem of monarchy, modesty, and decency. Since amethyst was considered defensive and protective, soldiers utilized it in earlier civilizations. It was also supposed to enhance awareness, help with abstinence, and assist with holistic mind control.

According to professionals in crystal therapy, this purple quartz emits a high frequency, which imbues it with a heavenly spirit for cleansing, insight, harmony, and serenity. It truly belonged to February's ardent admirers and individuals seeking tranquility and a spiritual connection. Indeed, many notions concerning amethyst held by the ancient Greeks and Romans are still valid today.


Amethyst has been serving for millennia. It has a radiant record of reputation and application. Queen Catherine II of Russia loved the gemstone and adorned herself with amethyst pendants, bracelets, and other fashion accessories. Wallis, Duchess of Windsor, a renowned jewelry enthusiast, created a lasting impression in 1953 when she attended a gala in Versailles wearing a pricey amethyst bib necklace fashioned by Cartier. Dating back to the time of emperor Alexander the Great, royalty has enjoyed the dark violet shade of the February birthstone a lot.


Up till the late nineteenth century, the primary source of this purple quartz stone was Russia, but then significant amounts were discovered in Brazil. In the early days, it was uncommon, unlike diamonds and rubies, so it was considered a precious gemstone. Nowadays, amethyst is richly mined from the various localities of South America and Africa.

Another well-known source of purple quartz is the Anahi mine, located in Bolivia. The Anahi mine, concealed in the Pantanal marshes, has an intriguing history. It was found in the 16th century by a Spanish conquistador, presented to him as dowry when he wed the princess from the Ayoreo tribe, overlooked for 300 years, and then embraced in the 1960s.

Zambia's Kariba mine in Africa is also among the most significant amethyst treasures in the world. The amethyst that is unearthed is frequently of exceptional quality with intense color.

Amethyst may also be discovered in the United States, about 46 miles from Phoenix, Arizona.

Accommodations for mining in the caves are difficult because it is far away, it gets pretty hot during the summer, and there is no water or electricity. However, a few beautiful deep purples to purplish red amethyst crystals are produced in this rocky, dry area.

Healing Properties

Although the February birthstone is linked to the crown and root chakras, it can be applied to any energy circuit. Amethyst complements other gems well when worn for religious healing. It reduces sensations of being out of equilibrium in the head, heart, and soul, thereby increasing a sense of trust, confidence, and wellness. You can regain your self-belief and zest for life again. Thanks to its calming influence, which also helps lessen the symptoms of tension, worry, and despair.

Amethyst is thought to have the capacity to improve mental or perceptive capabilities. It has the power to shift your body's energy. Amethyst removes any obstacles your intuition might have been holding in the brain or even in negative thoughts. Amethyst does have the power to sharpen your instincts, enabling you to undertake the necessary practical actions. Also, it relaxes your thoughts through meditation and helps you pursue your aspirations and dream goals.


This purple gemstone mitigates nausea and pain in the gastrointestinal tract (including heartburn and other distress). When donned or used frequently, Amethyst helps prevent edema and hypertension.


Other characteristics and benefits of donning amethyst jewelry for February-borns are;

  • Reliable and ideal for regular wear
  • Relieves sadness and anguish and imbues serenity in the soul
  • Ward off illnesses by calming the body and reviving its energy
  • Reduces anxiety, stress, and fatigue and helps in sleeping better
  • Aids in inspiring, utilizing inner strength, and stimulating imagination
  • Regulates the body’s metabolic rate and promotes cell regeneration and reinvigoration
  • Rekindles passion in relationships and revitalizes connections

The Care Guide and Treatments:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning is a reasonable solution for cleansing amethyst gemstones; however, steam treatment is not advised. The safest and most reliable choice is a gentle brush and light soap to clean your amethyst jewelry.
  • Heat treatment is the most popular method for enhancing pure amethyst's brilliance and commercial viability. Heat treatment can soften the color of deeply tinted amethyst, making it more appealing. It can also aid in removing unsightly brownish stains and impurities. However, high heat treatment causes some purple quartz to become yellow, forming citrine.

Taking It All In:

Among the most recognized semi-precious gems, amethyst is the birthstone for February and is readily available in a range of hues of purple. Amethyst can be shaped into a range of cuts, from traditional to exhilarating free-form, making it as flexible as beautiful. Check out the healing properties of this exquisite purple quartz mentioned above and wear it to heal every day.

Written by Zahid Adnan
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