Rings for Relationships

Relationships are meant to celebrate since love and compassion require expression, and gifts are the best way to express your emotions. Amongst many meaningful presents, rings are the most precious and ornamental means to utter your abstract feelings. In literature, the circular structure of a ring depicts an unbroken and never-ending affection between partners. Moreover, this wearable gift helps companions remember their promises and commitments. Then why not choose rings to commemorate every twee event of your life together? Different rings have unique meanings, styles, and ways to wear them according to a particular cultural tradition. The following description of types of rings for relationships will help you know when and how to wear one ideally.

Types of Rings for Relationships:

From a long-winded list of rings, here is a list of 5 types of rings people usually gift to commemorate the new beginnings of their life.

1. Promise Rings- Since it all Starts with a Commitment:

Promise rings, as the name indicates, symbolize the first real commitment and a promise between a couple to stay together or get married sooner.  Sometimes, people cannot decide to get engaged, maybe due to focusing on a career or not being mentally ready for a sudden new change in life. In that case, promise rings are the best ornamental expressions to hold your commitment and communicate your true feelings. Moreover, it helps one get trust, optimism, and patience.

Traditionally, there are no hard and fast rules for wearing a promise ring on a particular hand or finger. You are free to wear it in your hand or make a pendant out of that. Also, you do not need a big event or any arrangement like a proposal set up to put on a promise ring in your partner's hand. You can straightforwardly gift a promise ring to your partner any day you feel is the right moment to commit to your future wedding.

There are many styles and ring settings for arranging precious gems on stylish ring bands. You can opt for a gold, silver, or platinum ring band embellished with ruby, sapphire, opal, emerald, and diamonds affixed in unique styles and settings. Popular settings include halo, solitaire, bezel, cathedral, burnish, Celtic knots, and infinity. Moreover, promise rings can cost you from 100 to 2000 dollars, depending on the gems' rarity and style complexity. Nevertheless, it's wise to save a few bucks later for a big event to put on an engagement ring.

Below is an example of a popular Promise ring style made by Angel Alchemy

Opal and Sapphire Ring, Promise Rings

2. Engagement Rings- Asking for a Hand:

Asking for a hand in marriage is a special occasion that every girl desires to be dreamy and memorable. Therefore, the guy’s responsibility is to present her favorite engagement ring and the other dreamy proposal plans. According to the Romans' millennia-old belief, an engagement ring is usually worn on the left hand's third finger. As per the conviction, a vein in the finger directly connects to the heart that holds love. Though there’s no vein with such connection, it is still honored with faith and hope.

Regarding the material, engagement rings being so exclusive, are preferred to be made of white gold or platinum. These are traditionally embellished with diamonds; however, when choices meet modernism, people get a lot of other options like gemstones. People also love gems in their engagement rings that are either of their aesthetic preference or symbolize their zodiac. Fancy sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are the first pick-ups of most jewelry store consumers.

Traditionally popular styles and ring settings people adore are solitaire, halo, bezel, and burnish. The burnish ring setting is usually seen in engagement rings for him, while the stylish her of today prefer Chanel and tension setting for an exquisite style and delicate appearance. Aficionados also love etching symbols or names of partners on their engagement rings. Furthermore, to add to the info, one-carat engagement rings typically cost around 5500 to 10k dollars.

below is a popular style of alternative Engagement ring by Angel Alchemy: 

Opal and sapphire ring, celestial engagement ring

2.1. Claddagh Rings:

Claddagh rings originated in Ireland, where the tribal people wore this ornament to symbolize love and loyalty. In the medieval period, the Irish used it as a wedding or an engagement ring. For those in a relationship, it was usually worn on the right hand on the inside (the heart sign) of any finger. In case of using that as an engagement or wedding ring, they wore it on the left hand with the symbol facing outwards and inwards, respectively. So if you are an Irish or a history lover, you can order a jeweler to design a Claddagh ring.

3. Wedding Rings:

Wedding rings are meant to exchange wedding vows. Just like engagement rings, weddings are so bespoke for the couple. Nevertheless, wedding rings are not so styled and designed as engagement rings; they primarily exhibit elegance and simplicity. You can get wedding rings in gold and platinum with typical solitaire, halo, or burnish setting embellished in diamonds. Moreover, these rings are worn on the same finger of the left hand as engagement rings. You can also wear your engagement and wedding ring stacked up on the finger. Feel free to order inexpensive wedding bands at Angel Alchemy for your more significant event. Usually, these rigs can cost around 1000 to 5000 dollars.

Below is an image of a high end Opal and Sapphire wedding ring by Angel Alchemy with Diamond accents in the celestial Moonflower design. 

Alternative wedding ring, celestial opal and sapphire ring


4.  Eternity Rings:

Eternity rings are exchanged by couples when they feel it's an excellent time to refresh their wedding vows, promises, and commitments. People mainly present them to their wives after the birth of their child to express gratitude and love. Nevertheless, there's no tradition of exchanging these rings on a particular occasion, no rule of wearing and styling. You can just buy and surprise your partner whenever you feel your journey is going great with the person.

5. Anniversary Rings:

As the name indicates, anniversary rings are given on anniversaries. A wedding day is no less significant than any other day in your life, which is why it should be celebrated with a beautiful ring. There's no rule for styling and designing an anniversary ring, and no gem specifies the years you celebrate together. People usually give a gold ring on their first wedding ring, a sapphire ring band to commemorate five years, and a diamond ring for their 10th wedding anniversary. However, you can choose any metal and gemstone to solemnize a milestone journey with love, optimism, trust, and hope with your partner. 

below is a Beautiful Opal and Morganite Moonflower ring by Angel Alchemy which is a strong heart chakra talisman. This would make a beautiful ceremonial piece for an engagement ring or anniversary ring.  It is accented with diamonds and Rhodochrosite 

Anniversary ring gift, Opal and Morganite celestial ring
Written by Zahid Adnan

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