Australian opals and moonstone mini La Luna pendent in solid 14k rose gold semi custom reserved

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Australian opals and moonstone mini La Luna pendent in solid 14k rose gold semi custom reserved

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Lajier D.
One of the last Semi Custom Mini La Luna Pendant (Australian Opals, Moonstone in Rose Gold)

Where do I begin? Last year, The Universe sent me Mandi. I wanted a pendant made with stones that actually resonated with me on spiritual level but made with love and care at the same time. Thus, the hunt began for the necklace made especially for me.

April 2020-April 2021
After finding my twin girls their "made for me" necklaces, I happen to see in one of the "suggested for you" profiles, two of the prettiest stones paired up with the option of a pendant or a ring. I click the profile and I'm brought to Angel Alchemy. As I browse the page, I am in awe at the breathtaking jewelry posted. I follow the page IMMEDIATELY and send a message off PRONTO, cause I gotta own a piece from this brilliant human being.

After a quick salutation, I find out that two stones that caught my eye had been sold but the person responding offers a similar set of stones in place of what's been sold. I'm bummed 😞...

Feb 2021
But a ray of sunshine 🌞, peaks through. After watching all of the pieces being posted I screenshot my favorites and keep them stored, I figured let me reach out again and actually chat with the creator, if possible. So, I reach out again and Mandi, as I find out this beautiful souls name, and I conclude together, that whatever stones call out to her for me is what will be.

March 2021
Mandi reaches out..
The stones for me have found Mandi and they have come together for creation.
After more conversation, Mandi and I have more in common than we actually know, and we are on two opposite sides of the country 😊💜💙.

April 2021
Mandi reaches out, asks me about a couple of options, which I loved. One stone had a small flaw and Mandi was not going for that, she honors her craft, values the integrity of her work and is also transparent. And by this time with all the synchronicities happening, knowing everything is as it should, I consider Mandi a friend and trust her input. So the pendant includes both of our likes.

A cherry 🍒 on top of the cake 🎂....Luna was scheduled to arrive on 4/26 and she was excited to unite with me as I was with her, that she arrived on 4/24, having left Mandi on 4/21.

I am beyond satisfied with my purchase. The whole process was smooth as butter. Not only do I now have my forever necklace (more purchases to come) but I also found a friend in Mandi. Thank you so much for bring her to life 🦋🧿💙💜🧚🏾‍♀️🌸🌺

Based on 352 reviews

Owning one of your pieces is a dream come true! Thank you for sharing your magical art with the world. I have no idea how you let your pieces go after seeing how gorgeous they turn out. Even more breathtaking in person than imaginable!!

Flashy little beauty

This 3 sisters ring is the absolute perfect size. It’s super flashy and the stone pairing is amazing. This gorgeous masterpiece is one of my favorites from Mandi!!


Angel alchemy jewelry is always magical. The morganite and opal ring I just purchased is so gorgeous. Love looking at it shine all the colors in the sunlight.

Angel Dreams

I FINALLY after many years of dreaming over angel alchemy jewelry, got the Narwhal ring! This ring is stunning. The craftsmanship is truly incredible! The opals with the accent stones are simply gorgeous. Mandi is such a sweet soul! I am so honored to wear one of her truly one of kind creations!


My ring arrived much sooner than expected & it’s absolutely gorgeous! I purchased one of Mandi’s phases of the moon rings a few months ago and this double opal lotus ring matches perfectly.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this ring.

Thank you Mandi for everything you do to make all of the creative & beautiful pieces in your collections .

Mandi just seems to level up with every release. The alchemy between the stones she chooses is always a delight to wait and see what she comes up with next. This piece has the most beautiful sapphire. I feel blessed to own another piece from Angel Alchemy.

Pink beauty

This ring is so beautiful and so unique! The opal, sapphire and tourmaline go perfectly together. I absolutely love this ring and needed it in my life. I’m so thrilled I was able to get it!


This is the most incredible ring I have purchased yet. When I opened the box the pink sapphire just glowed and the green tourmaline is a crisp green color. The organic design and placement of the stones and diamonds are just beautiful. I find myself just staring at it. So beautifully articulated, colorful with impeccable workmanship..just love it!!!

Favorite purchase ever

After years of pining over Mandi’s beautiful pieces, I was finally able to purchase this ring! I am floored by the stones, the quality, and the craftsmanship. It is my absolute favorite piece of jewelry to date! Thank you so much Mandi!!

Gorgeous ring

I absolutely love my new ring. It's so pretty and so well made.

Gorgeous as ever

I had been lusting after this ring online for months and finally pulled the trigger. I did not regret the decision! The diamond quality of the accent stones was not done justice by the photos —- it was even more beautiful in person! I’m in love with this gorgeous item.

Stunningly Beautiful!

Everything about this ring is beautiful and exactly as described. It glows like magic. Mandi was wonderful to work with and so thoughtful about the special situation I ordered this ring for. Mandi, you are an exceptional artist! Thank you!

A true Angel ring! I can’t stop staring at it. I get so many people asking about it. ✨💫🪽


Gorgeous mint tourmalines, opal and there anything better? Very beautiful ring with exquisite workmanhip and design. I am drawn to Mandi's designs and opals..just gorgeous!

Trinity Ring

Absolutely gorgeous trinity ring, beautiful workmanship, love the multi-colored opals with the crisp green tourmaline, make this ring just glow..Who knew I was a green girl..but I'm loving it!


In love with my ring! Absolutely stunning. A true Angel ring! 🙏🏼💫🪽🤍

The perfect celestial moon!

I've been searching for the perfect moon ring for a while, and when I saw this piece from Angel Alchemy, I was completely entranced. The design is SO unique, unlike anything I'd seen before, and it was so magical and celestial. I couldn't resist getting it, and now that it's arrived in person, it's even more beautiful! Even with the detailed pics and videos, there is a weight and a magic to each Angel Alchemy piece in person that cannot be captured. I'm honored to add this third ring to my collection!

My second magical ring from Angel Alchemy!

This ring feels like a little magic wand to wear on your finger! Both of my rings from Angel Alchemy feel so charged with energy and intention... I always feel better wearing them. Mandi is kind and communicative, and happily answers any questions you might have, and goes above and beyond in customer service! If you're on the fence, I would 100% recommend investing in one of her amazing works of art.

Absolutely beautiful!!!

I have three pieces of jewelry now from AngelAlchemy. These latest earrings are as expected, so beautiful! Everything Mandi does is gorgeous and has a special energy to it!

Can’t Stop Staring

I was lucky enough to receive this INCREDIBLE work of art recently, and it’s true what everyone says: It looks even better in person!” Seriously, the pictures of the jewelry are amazing, but I haven’t been able to look away from this ring since I got it! I can feel the intentions that went into creating this piece. It’s definitely a statement, and an eye catcher. I cannot say enough about this breathtaking ring!!

She Can't stop looking at it.

My wife's response was better than I could ever have expected. She absolutely loves the ring. Everything about it is amazing, from the stones to the design. A very talented jeweler. Thank you.

Eye catching sparkle

Gorgeous!!! I love everything about these earrings. They’re light and airy and the color is exquisite. Such a unique find, I’m thrilled with them.

Stunning ring!

So happy with this ring, really beautiful and vibrant colours. Thank you!

perfect pairing!

I love this mini little turquoise and opal ring .. goes so well with my other pieces :)