Engagement Ring Styles and Settings

It's precious to love, but it's even more precious to be in a healthy relationship. It is always a pleasure to celebrate your relationship and make it official in a way that feels special to you. Since engagement is a formal commitment to getting married, it should be announced in a queenlike and exceptional manner. Therefore, to tie-in in a grand style, it's a perfect idea to shop for an exquisite engagement ring. One must opt for the lavishly elegant engagement style with alluring ring settings.

What is Engagement Ring Setting?

The engagement ring setting is how gems like diamonds, ruby, emerald, and sapphire are mounted, set, or affixed by tension to create a unique style. In addition to the gem alignment, the ring band is distinctively carved, engraved, and The distinctive and highly engineered ring setting gives a ring a peculiar and glamorous style. Various designers have an exquisite collection of engagement rings with beautiful and voguish styles and settings. Furthermore, to dazzle your love magnificently, you can order designers to create your style to dazzle your love magnificently.

10 Engagement Ring Styles You Can Choose From

The following are the ten famous engagement ring styles you can choose from. Most people love solitaire, halo, and tension ring setting. Other exquisite styles are paved, cathedral, shank, eternal, flush, swirl, bombe, acrostic, vintage art deco, vintage Edwardian, Art nouveau, etched, and suspended.

1. Solitaire or Prong Ring Setting

The solitaire ring setting is the style in which gems like diamonds extend out as a style statement encaged in an enclosure crafted with extravagant lush metals. Moreover, the ring band is simply metallic and shiny with no carvings. The prongs are tiny metal claws chiseled, either pointed, rounded, V-shaped, or flat. This regal setting elevates diamonds and allows maximum light to pass, ensuring maximal brilliance, shine, and sparkle.


solitaire ring. opal solitaire ring

2. Shank Ring Setting

Shank ring setting is a minimalistic yet elegant style with a slight gap in a ring band. Each band's side divides into two sections, merging to form a single band. Furthermore, the band is beautifully embellished with diamonds or other gems in this exquisite ring style. The shanks are either rounded or square-shaped, making these engagement rings appealing and dazzling. Depending on how the band is designed, it can give either a classic or a modern look.


shank ring setting, opal and spinel open shank ring

3. Channel Ring Style

Channel ring style designs drop-dead gorgeous ring bands with two metal walls inside the ring. The metal walls create a room for gems to place. According to the band length, several diamonds are placed side by side, and the metal wall affixes gems. Moreover, the channel ring setting helps gems affix more securely than the solitaire and tension style. Nevertheless, this channel ring setting is quite challenging to design, repair, and difficult to clean.

4. Tension Ring Setting

As the name indicates, tension ring setting utilizes tension to hold the diamond in place and suspends it in the air. Opposing forces applied by ring bands from two sides provide support and stability to diamonds. Moreover, this style allows more light to pass through the gem and enhances its sparkle and shine. Also, the style is super modish and fancy. Though the style is chic and voguish, it is challenging to design, repair, and resize yet effortless to clean and maintain.

5. Bezel Ring Style

The bezel setting is the most common and famous ring style that is easy to maintain. It's a go-to style that frames and secures the diamond in individual metal rims, thus providing stability to the design. Moreover, it creates a classic yet minimalistic design loved by everyone. You can opt for a full or partial bezel that leaves the gems to allow more light to enter and sparkle. Nevertheless, in a complete bezel design, light reflection is less, but it allows protection to the gem. Furthermore, it won’t snag on your clothes, and you can wear it daily.


Australian and Diamond bezel set ring

6. Burnish Ring Setting

Burnish ring setting is another minimalist yet elegant design created by burnishing the metal surface to secure the gems. In this simple design, the diamonds or other gems are nestled in recesses created in the metal ring to hold the gems firmly in place. The setting also includes placing the diamonds below or to the level of the metal ring. After placing, burnishing is done to ensure security. Moreover, in this unique style, the metal appearance is more than the gems, thus reducing sparkle and shine.

7. Cluster Ring Setting

A cluster ring setting involves a cluster of diamonds or other gems like ruby or emerald held together tightly in a particular shape. The shape of a cluster can be geometric or floral, whether a big central gem or all gems of equal size. Moreover, the cluster is set in the center of the ring band as a royal-style statement. Each gem is enclosed within a crown cage to ensure maximal stability and security. In this cluster design, you can keep the ring simply metallic or can embellish it with gems in beaded, burnish, or channel settings. Though the style gives a regal look, it is challenging to clean the minute crevices.

8. Halo Ring style

The Halo ring style is as popular as the solitaire ring setting. This style comprises a central square, floral, heart-shaped, or circle-shaped metal rim affixing and holding their gem. This chic and appealing style is best with a diameter of smaller size and yet flaunts the look. A Halo metal ring is usually adorned with smaller gems to give the central gem a more prominent and significant glance. Moreover, this design enhances gems' overall sparkle and brilliance, particularly diamonds.

9. Baroque Ring Setting

When considering super artistic and highly embellished rings, why not choose the baroque ring style? Also, you can opt for romantic floral, traditional, and antique designs for an intricately beautiful engagement ring. This ring is a maximalist style with an elaborately adorned and chiseled ring band, jeweled by diamonds/gems in a halo or bezel setting for a perfect vintage look.

10. Three Stone Ring Style

Three-stone ring setting also called the trilogy ring style, is one of the most familiar styles loved by people among engagement ring styles. This ring set offers versatility and durability of the design. You can opt for two more minor or third middle gems more giant, or all diamonds of equal size in any shape like square, circle, heart, and floral metal rim. Moreover, the overall design offers maximum security to gems and beauty to the band.


Three stone Opal and tourmaline ring, trilogy ring

Other Popular Engagement Ring Designs

Other popular designs that are similar to the styles mentioned above but vary a bit in versatility include ;

  • Paved
  • Color Accent
  • Cathedral
  • Shank or Split Shank
  • Beaded
  • Ballerina
  • Eternal
  • Eternity Band
  • Double Diamond
  • Flush
  • Swirl
  • Bombe
  • Acrostic
  • Vintage art deco
  • Vintage Edwardian
  • Art nouveau
  • Etched
  • Suspended (floating ring)
  • Infinity
  • Celestial style
  • Boho Chic ring
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