How To Wear Pearls

Classy and elegant-Pearls are miraculously found in the shells of mollusks underwater. The precious natural pearls have always been adored by The Royal ladies since ancient times. Pearls remained in the fashion industry till the 80s as a style statement of affluent and voguish senora. There has been a shocking decline in pearls in the couture industry since that time. Nevertheless, these sophisticated gemstones are trending again, but the perception of pearls as old-fashioned persists. In order to dispel this misconception, the following description gives tips on how to wear pearls without looking old-fashioned.

Craft Your Jewelry in Pearls:

Never fear playing with your jewelry. If you have ‘old but gold’ jewelry in natural pearls and want to wear that in a modernized way, here's how you can do it.


You can redesign your old crystal earrings in tiny pearls to get a trending piece of jewelry. Open the loops using a plier, remove the hanging crystals, and replace beautiful tiny pearls. You can also DIY single pearl studs for a more voguish and elegant look. Moreover, to revamp the way you wear pearls, try making trending paper jewelry and embellishing it with pearls. Also, focus on what you are wearing. For example, do not wear a heavy pearly necklace with pearl earrings. You can wear a single pearl ring with pearl studs for a chic look.


Since pearl jewelry is in vogue, you can find pearl necklaces in many different styles. Nevertheless, you can create them in your preferred style using a string, some pearls, and hooks. Always wear necklace style according to your neck length and dress design. If you have a swan-like long neck, you prefer long pearly chains. Moreover, long chains go best with casual dresses and give an urban look, whereas short-chain pearl necklaces look elegant with formal party dresses.


Pearl cufflinks never fail to depict a sophisticated look. It by no means gives an old-fashioned look. You can redesign your old cufflinks and glue a pearl or two to style them with a plain button0down shirt. Looks Chic!

Headpieces and Crowns:

You can doubtlessly wear pearls in yo hair to add to their beauty and feel like a princess. DIY your headpieces, pins, hair clippers, ponytails, scrunchies, and birthday crowns in pearls for a stunning look. Furthermore, you can beautify your hairstyles like french braids in pearls for a sophisticated queen-like appearance.

Mix up the Color Palette:

You are wrong if you think creamy white pearls are traditional and outdated. Creamy white pearls are in vogue and exhibit a different look than colorful pearls. White pearls sound sophisticated, classic, and elegant, whereas pearls in popping hues give a youthful vibe. Find out pearls in shiny shades like sparkly pink, violet, red, teal, and blue or in pastel colors according to your taste. Style up multicolored and multilayered necklaces and bracelets to give your youthful vibe a push.

Styling with Clothing:

Always focus on styling pearly accessories with your clothing. Different dresses demand different accessories designed in different styles.


It's no rule that pearls are meant to wear with formal dresses like prom, weddings, or formal dinners. Pearls are only beautiful gemstones used in making jewelry and other accessories, so you can wear them with any dress you wear. Nevertheless, styling pearls with clothing is essential. When it comes to necklaces, there are various chain lengths; for example, choker, princess, rope, and opera. A choker length necklace goes best with a suit or a dress, whereas princess or rope length suits well with crop tops and skirts.


You can also redesign and revamp your clothing with pearls. If you have a T-shirt you might think is boring, make it exciting by adding pearls. Moreover, you can stitch and paste pearls in your prom dresses and other accessories like hats. Another cool trick is replacing the buttons of your button-down shirt with pearls that will make your old shirt look like the designer's one.

Tiny Pearls are in Vogue:

Some might think that big pearls are outdated, so why not try small-sized pearls instead of leaving the trend? Tiny pearls look stylish and elegant, especially embellishing sleek necklaces and pendants. You can also try bracelets made of tiny multicolored pearls or rings studded with small-sized pearls in burnish setting.

Single Big Pearl Surely Stands Out:

If you dislike whole jewelry adorned in pearls, you can also try some articles made of gold or platinum studded with a single pearl. For example, you can try wearing a pendant with a single giant pearl hanging or a ring bejeweled with a pearl in a halo or solitaire setting.  It will give a sophisticated look.

Layered up Pearl Bracelets:

By wearing pearly bracelets in layers, you can also include pearls instead of chains in your streetwear look. Wrists with multiple bracelets adorned in tiny black pearls look perfect for a punk urban look. Nevertheless, you can casually wear friendship bands made with artificial pearls in various hues.

Try Different Shapes:

Are you bored of wearing the same rounded pearls every time? You can discover artificial pearls in the market designed in oval, square with rounded edges, cylindrical, triangular, and cubical shapes. Experiment with various looks in pearl jewelry in unique shapes and shades. Moreover, try a DIY necklace made with pearls of different shapes and colors and don it with a white button-down shirt. What a fantastic depiction of white light scattering into seven colors!

Baroque Pearls for a Classy Event:

Baroque pearls are naturally occurring gemstones in irregular shapes like oval, cylindrical, tear-drop, or pinched surfaces. These highly-valuable gemstones have a great history in Royal families where they were used to embellish Royal crowns. Moreover, these are the most expensive gems, costing about 100 million dollars. If you afford so, you can wear baroque pearls in stylish jewelry at your wedding or special occasion. Nevertheless, there is always a market for having copies; try some for a classy event.

Written by Zahid Adnan

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