Opal Gemstone

The word Opal is affiliated to the Sanskrit Upala, which means precious stone. Opal stone is an amorphous hydrated silica rock. The Opal is a unique gemstone. It manifests a higher hope and holy virtue. Opal Gemstones have a unique property of play of color. Due to this unusual property, it is usually used as the central stone in the jewelry of the highest quality.

Opal gemstones have been linked with love, passion, and devotion. Opal gemstones are light-dancing gems. They foster feelings of balance and peace. The Opal is also about more deep spirituality. It is a sensual stone. That boosts emotional states. Moreover, these gems act as a fiery stabilizer. Wearing opals bring about belief and loyalty.

Opal gem is also known as the 'Queen of Gems.' It is a semi-precious gemstone. The Opal gem is a famous jewelry piece in the fashion world. Along with its vogue in the fashion industry, it has potent astrological worth. In astrology, it is linked with the planet 'Venus' and the zodiac sign 'Libra.' It is available in various colors: Black, Red, White, Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange, Brown, and many more.

Opal gems- the jewels queen- were considered good luck throughout history. According to Romans, opal gemstones were a symbol of hope. These stones were considered the luckiest ones. And in the middle ages, opal gemstones were considered unique and vested with all the favorable properties of colored gemstones. It was due to its rainbow-like play of color.

In starting it was mainly seen in Australia, but now it is readily available in others parts of the world too. Wearing an Opal gem ignites love and esteem. Besides this, it vows a lavish life. Opal gems embody beauty and economic prosperity. Moreover, it spreads positivity in many sectors of life, such as wealth, family, and fame. Also, it assists in enhancing the instinct of the person.

Importance of Opal Gemstones:

Ruled by Venus, no doubt it is the birthstone of October. But opal can also be adorned by people born in other months. It is done for its miracles or simply for its looks. Wearing opal stones have physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits. These benefits are as follows:

Physical Benefits of the Opal Gemstones:

Opal stone offers a lot of healing effects. It also aids in relieving physical ailments. Some of the physical benefits of the opal gemstones are as follows:

  1. Opal gemstones are valuable in medical issues. It helps in healing stomach and intestine crises. Such as acidity and indigestion.
  2. It is also believed to enrich insulin levels in the body.
  3. Opal stones are effective in healing blood and spine-related issues. Opal gemstones are also helpful in curing hormonal & pancreatic issues.
  4. Opal gemstones are also sound for blood purification. Besides this, it aids in water retention.
  5. Opal gems grant an incredible immune system. Moreover, these gems aid in battling infections and fevers.
  6. The queen of gemstones shields the female reproductive system. Also, these stones maintain and control the Endocrine System.
  7. These esteemed beauty stones raise memory power.
  8. It is ideal for hair and nail growth. It can even cure migraine and headaches.
  9. It permits the wearer to sleep peacefully. And it lowers nightmares.
  10. Opal gems aid in keeping the eyes healthy. Also, it is believed to cure issues related to the eyes.

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits of the Opal Gemstones:

Opal gemstones also contribute to the quality of life. The spiritual and emotional benefits are as follows:

  1. Opal gemstones aid in soothing the mind. Moreover, it aids drive peace with the past.
  2. Opal stones are widely thought to aid in overcoming effusive setbacks.
  3. These lovely and buy-worthy stones amplify the will to live.
  4. It also fosters joy and positivity. It also uplifts ingenuity.
  5. Opal gemstones enhance dynamic symmetry. Also, these gems amplify feelings of passion.
  6. It aids in acquiring self-confidence. Moreover, these stones help in clearing disarray and mental instability.
  7. Opal Gemstones are incredible gems. They connect you to the positive earth's energy. It aid to get profit or benefit from them.
  8. Opal stones open the way to divine insight. Along with it, these gems deliver foresight.
  9. The opal gem exalts intuition and boosts the self's attention. It also aids in crushing fears.
  10. The "Queen of Gems" - Opal is believed to improve a person's creative abilities.

Other Benefits of the Opal Gemstones:

The benefits of opal gemstones, other than physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits, are as follows:

  1. Opal gemstones aid in leading a luxury life. It is said to prosper firms in travel and import-export.
  2. The unique opal stones aid in enlarging your mind. Moreover, it aids in seeing things with fresh eyes.
  3. Opal gemstones help in finding a suitable match. Along with it, these gemstones aid in clearing marriage issues. Moreover, it supplies wedding delight.
  4. It conveys prosperity. Moreover, these gems reinforce earning a good stature in society.
  5. Opal stones are also believed to aid in clearing debts and legal actions.

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Written by Zahid Adnan
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Opal Gemstone

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