What are Birthstones?

Birthstones are associated with the birth months. Each stone has a unique value and purpose. Like horoscope signs, every month has its own birthstones. In antique times, it was often thought that birthstones were the symbol of wellness and good fortune. Birthstones are a part of modern society. Birthstones are primarily used in many pieces of jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, earrings, or necklaces.

What is the Origin of Birthstones?

In the fifth century, Christian scholars made the connection between the twelve zodiac signs, twelve months of the year, and the twelve gems of the Breastplate of Aaron. Those scholars claimed that each gem was linked to a distinct month or astrological position. They also believed that people would receive medicinal benefits by wearing them. Thus, gems were assigned a different meaning and value to them.

People started wearing one stone for each month of the year to receive the full benefit. This practice was ultimately altered so that a person would only wear the stone for the month they were born. Thus, from here, the term birthstone originated. In 1912, Sears issued an "Official list" of all the birthstones and the months they depicted. Till now, there have been some alters to that list, but the list remains largely intact.

Birthstones of October:

October- the tenth month of the year - the magical time of autumn. It is the time of the year when the leaves change color, depicting stunning scenery. Now the question arises: What are the October birthstones? People born in October glorify their birthdays with two precious stones: Opal and Tourmaline. The birthstones of October match the fall scenery with their spectacle of rainbow iridescence. Both the birthstones of October resemble vivid rainbows and colorful galaxies.

The born of October are lucky to have two gemstones to call their birthstones. These gems have unique coloring attributes. Along with it, they have many emotional and spiritual benefits. Opal gemstone forms a vast expanse of color and light. It has always been associated with the autumn month. While tourmaline distorts the hues, it traps within its crystals. And it is a recent addition to the modern list of birthstones.

October Birthstones: Why Two?

Every month has only one birthstone. Why does the month of October have two birthstones? Many people believed that opal gems were too feminine for all tastes. Due to this reason, a new gemstone - tourmaline, was added to the list of birthstones on October's birth. Lately, the pink shade of tourmaline was fixed for the October-born. People with October birthdates have zero issues, as they now have two gorgeous birthstones to pick from.

Opal: October's Traditional Birthstone

Opal is taken from the Latin term, Upala means "Precious Stone." Opal is the conventional birthstone for the month of October. Opal - Queen of Gems is well known for its play of colors. These stunning stones show a wide variety of colors. Besides this, they have a unique gem grading system. Opal gems are thought of as the symbol of luck and hope. Furthermore, Opal gems have one of the unique sets of figurative linkages.

The worth buying Opals gems have been said to be highly beneficial. Some of its standard benefits are boosting memory, purifying kidneys and blood, and treating infections. Moreover, it regulates insulin production, eases childbirth, and aids in relieving many marriage issues. Opal gems are highly valued for their flash of rainbow colors.

Opal stone diffracts light. It means that when they are moved and exposed to light, they produce flashes of colors. And thus, it exhibits all the rainbow colors at once. Different colors such as green, blue, green, yellow, red, and further colors can be seen in the stone. Probably, Opal birthstones are not as common as other standard stones like diamond or ruby. However, opal gems have been widely used in many cultures for centuries.

History of Opal:

Opals first arose in link with Asian and Greece cultures. In the West, the first opals came from India. At that time, it was known as upala or 'a precious stone'. Later on, the Romans altered Upala to opalus. And the English term "Opal" for the stone comes from the Greek word opallos. It means 'to see a change.' This term was given to the stone due to the vast array of colors it can reflect.

The value of the variations of colors exhibited by opal gems could be seen in the regimes people thought the stone owned. The powers stone possesses include a shield from diseases and a boost of abilities. Furthermore, Opal gems are noticed as a sign of hope, truth, and purity.

Properties of Opal:

21% of Opal's structure is composed of water. That is why it is also known as a living stone. Due to the abundance of water and air molecules embedded into the stone, it diffracts light and exhibits a diverse range of colors. It is the main reason for which the stone is famous. The hydrated opals, with their multicolor display of colors, are known as "precious opals." And those without the fancy show-of-color are called "common opals."

Opal gems are not crystallized gemstones. Opal gems are classified as a mineraloid due to their amorphous nature. The amorphous nature is the main reason for the uniqueness of each opal stone. Furthermore, the Opal gem is also known for its healing properties. Besides its healing properties, it creates a perfect sense of balance and amplification power.

According to the ancient Greeks, Opal stone gives its owners the gift of disease protection. It brings renewed hope and a bright balance. The most common Opal is the light Opal. And the rarest Opal is the black Opal. It has a dark base color and flashes of yellow and red colors. Opal jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and earnings of Angel Alchemy has various designs and colors. 

Applications of October Birthstone-Opal:

Opal gems have forever lured people for their rainbow-like exhibit of colors and enigmatic quality. Opal - the October stones signify a unique essence. It is an ideal gift for October-born people. Opal gems can be fashioned into diverse forms of ornaments. The range of jewelry made from opal gems is extensive. It contains necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. The Opal jewelry of Angel Alchemy is distinctive due to its unique and fantastic design.

Australian Opal Ring with Moonstone in Rose Gold and Australian Opal And Amethyst Threader Earrings draws attention to the charm of Opal's unique color.

Tourmaline: October's Modern Birthstone

Tourmaline is the second October birthstone. It is included in the modern list of birthstones. One can simply say that tourmaline is the modern October birthstone. It is a highly valued precious stone. Just like the opal stone, it depicts the vivid tints of the rainbow. But the principle behind the reflection of colorful light in both stones varies. Like the month, it belongs to the tourmaline's rich shade of colors. It uplifts creative expression.

Tourmaline gems can be seen in many colors, including pink, red, blue, and lovely multicolor stones. From a wide range of colors, pink tourmaline is the specified stone for October. The pink color of tourmaline is from manganese and other metals present in its crystal form. Pink tourmaline is the rarest of the tourmaline gems. Tourmaline is thought of as a symbol of a shield against evil.

Tourmaline is the technicolored fantasy coat of gems. It is a stone with a greater range of colors found in nature. Tourmaline gems aim to create a shield near a person to stop negative or harmful energies from entering. The pink tourmaline is a stone of compassion, love, compassion, and self-love. It is an ideal birthstone to carry away the anxiety from the person. Moreover, it assists in calming one's feelings in times of grief.

History of Tourmaline:

In the 1500s, a bright green tourmaline was found in Brazil. In the late 1600s, the Dutch traders off the West Coast of Italy discover the green stone. They assumed them to be emeralds. For a long time, red and pink tourmalines were deemed identical to rubies. But over time, it was identified as Tourmalines.

The term tourmaline originated from the Sinhalese term turmali or tura mali. It means "stone with mixed colors." Tourmaline is a precise depiction of the October birthstone. According to Ancient people, it was thought that tourmaline could promote artistic genius with its hues.

Properties of Tourmaline:

The lovely tourmaline gem is a crystalline boron silicate mineral. Tourmaline is not a single mineral. The crystal form of tourmaline is made up of several different elements. Iron, aluminum, sodium, magnesium, lithium, and potassium are its components. These elements have similar crystal layouts but distinct chemical structures and colors. Different colors and compositions of these elements come together to form the tourmaline gem. The tourmaline stone is found inside igneous and metamorphic rocks.

Tourmaline is the technicolored fantasy coat of gems. It is a stone with a greater range of colors found in nature. Tourmaline gems aim to create a shield near a person to stop negative energies from entering. The pink tourmaline is a stone of empathy, love, and self-love. It is an ideal birthstone to carry away the anxiety from the person. Moreover, it assists in calming one's feelings in times of grief.

Tourmaline is a great gift to be given to your loved ones. Wearing pink tourmaline jewelry can relieve stress and anxiety. Furthermore, pink tourmaline jewelry will work as a shield for your heart. These worth-buying gems are great for the ones looking to heal. Pink tourmaline is perfect for having the purity of love that is absolute.

Applications of October Birthstone-Tourmaline:

Tourmaline had several uses in diverse cultures throughout history. It depends on the people's beliefs. In the spiritual field, the stone is highly desired among medicine men for its healing abilities. Tourmaline boosts soothing, tranquil, and meditation. They are also called "receptive stones." It is also thought to improve psychic powers. Thus, it permits open contact between the unconscious and conscious minds.

It is a great symbol of love. Moreover, black tourmaline is an effectual natural insecticide. Tourmalines are a great gifting option for October-borns. Tourmalines can be fashioned into diverse types of jewelry. It includes bracelets, earrings, rings, and many others.

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Written by Zahid Adnan

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