What is Opal? Some Interesting Facts About These Gemstones!

Are there any gems that are more beautiful than opal? William Shakespeare's "Queen of Jewels" is one of the most beautiful stones ever discovered, and these were original opal stones characterized by their shimmering colors and wide shades. Its exciting history dates back thousands of years and takes us to the present day. Significant deposits of gemstones are still ongoing around the world. Here's a closer look at gemstones' history, healing properties, and some of the great stocks you can procure here at Angel Alchemy. We hope you will enjoy this short opal story; let's get started.

Is Opal a Gemstone?

Opal is perhaps the most beautiful, unique, and diverse birthstone. Dissimilar to most gemstones, opal is characterized as amorphous. That is, it has no defined crystal structure.

These gemstones are fascinating, and there are also some myths that you may want to know about. There are also some stunning specimens to admire as you learn about this precious gemstone, Opal.

Opal Stone Information and Facts

For thousands of years, people have treasured and mined opal. These extraordinary gems have inspired rich folklore (indeed, opal gemstones have been considered both the luckiest and unhappiest stones to wear). However, few researchers believe numerous ancient references to opal might have been to other gems; for example, one is the iridescent iris agate.

Confusion of precious and semi-precious stones

Gems, rocks, and minerals commonly modeled in jewelry fall into his two categories of precious or semi-precious stones. Since about 1800, this classification has helped distinguish one gemstone from another, considering different criteria. Generally, this leads to the display and misrepresentation of some precious stones.

In most cases, gem rarity and quality are two factors considered in the grading process. Since these processes were first introduced, times have changed as unique, and new variants of gemstones have been discovered. Therefore, the market value and opal stone price have changed. Ultimately, classifying gemstones between semi-precious and precious metals has become somewhat perplexing.

What is an opal light stone?

It is significant to note that some gems are considered precious, and some are considered semi-precious. Some types of the same stone (such as beryl) fall into both categories. Messed up? Don’t worry. Let me explain how to distinguish and understand semi-precious and precious stones.

Ancient Gemstone

Opal has been an inspirational muse for artists, writers, and other creatives throughout recorded history. "Did the ancient Romans admire the same things that we admire today? No one is sure. But evidence of opal artifacts dates back to 4000 BC.

Types of Opal Stones:

We all get confused at some points; what color is opal? There are many different opal stones, each with unique energetic effects.

Black Opal stone

Black opal is a rare opal stone and is particularly valuable. The dark background makes the other colors stand out more vividly. Black Opal stone helps you connect with your third eye and invite insight and vision. 

Blue Opal

Blue Opal helps improve communication and learn to speak more freely and boldly. One can also use it to excite creativity and visions. 

Boulder Opal

Boulder opal is opal formed in the rock. It benefits the emotional, mental, and physical bodies and helps cleanse the aura. It also connects the subconscious and conscious parts of the mind.

Common Opals

Common opals come in many colors, but they don't have as many vibrant flares of color as precious opals. It is a beautiful stone for balancing female and male energies and chakras, increasing abundance and wealth.

Fire Opals

Fire opals are predominantly orange and red and help with burnout and stress relief.

Green Opals

Green Opal promotes meditation and relaxation and helps cleanse and heal the body.

Pink Opals

This beautiful opal is a soothing stone that helps with meditation. It has also been used for emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. Pink Opal can be used to connect with love energy and let go of old traditions of life.

Red Opals

Red Opal helps generate positive actions and thoughts by balancing the right and left sides of the brain. You can also use it to calm negative or aggressive energy.

White Opals

White opals have a light gray or white background, have a special relationship with the crown chakra, and are often used to increase mental clarity and calmness in complicated situations.

Water Opal

Water Opal is a bright stone with flashes of color that helps deal with stress and is often used to induce visions.

Significance of Opal Stones:

Healing Properties of opal

What does opal do? This question hits many minds; let us elaborate on this gemstone's opal magical properties. Shimmering with healing properties, natural opal stones are charged with high amplification, vibrational energy, and a perfect balance. It inspires not only creative minds but also brings good karma, new hope, uplifting alignment, and balance. It can also be a good luck charm to help the wearer attract something unique to their aura. 

Thanks to its mixture of light and color, it is a beautiful gemstone that evokes spontaneity and lightness and also lends itself well to all creative plans. These are rare stones, and you will find them with their elements of status, opulence, and luxury that lead to a unique and calm life. Unique isn't necessarily related to money but can be related to other antiques of life. A trustworthy relationship with your better half is also a luxury. The luxury of luck and fortune. The luxury of passion, seduction, and love. As the dancing light on its surface proposes, Opal presents you to enjoy all the tastes, colors of life, and more.

Physical Healing

  • Can reduce fever and cure infections

  • Great panacea for eye and skin cell regeneration

In physical healing, natural opal stones are believed to be healthy. This gemstone helps reduce fevers, treat infections, and strengthen the immune system. If you are suffering from contractions in your respiratory system or chest, opal helps relieve this pressure and lighten your breath again. Stone opal is your solid partner supporting your journey back to full health.

Opal stones can also aid in liver function, reduce pain associated with childbirth and PMS, and are an excellent elixir to restore radiance to the eyes, regenerate skin cells, and enhance skin condition, hair, and nails. Opal can also help flush out the system for people who struggle with water retention.

Emotional and Mental Healing

  • Bring harmony and balance

  • Famous as the Stone of Hope

A professional support stone, Opal always wants to bring perfect balance and harmony into your being. This gemstone has profound inner energy that encourages you to have the strength and courage to look inward rather than withdraw from yourself. Opal is also amplifying and may have clouded your vision and mind in the sense that hints of thoughts and feelings can be illuminated and seen clearly.

Opal invites you to let go of old wounds, patterns, and connections that no longer serve you. This is a stone of pure positive change. It won't put you on the road to getting back together; instead, it will help you overcome your emotional challenges.

Opal does more than just scratch the surface of emotional healing, but it encourages us to act responsibly. This is very important in life as it helps us understand how we behave and repair when necessary. It heals deep relationships without doing anything.

Metaphysical opal stone Properties

  • Can clear all chakras

  • Links to higher communication

There are so many shades of opal out there, and you can find types connecting to individual chakras. Light-infused and colored opals respond well to many different chakras, Thanks to all the high vibrational energies, they are lovely, Bringing spiritual light into your aura, and even when infused into the radiance of a celestial body, you are safe and secure as you travel the path of shamanism A brilliant mineral that ensures the preservation you are ready to take.

Being a light stone means that opal is connected to the higher realms of spirit and communication. For those seeking a divine connection, conversing with the spirit realm, or enhancing the psychic gifts they possess, Opal can help with all this and more.

A strong connection with water also means this mineral brings soft, fluid energy to your table. Its vibrations connect beautifully with water, and since we, too, have a high water content, it means we can use the energy of water. Whether you want a surge of energy, a cleansing dip, a gentle stream, opal stays fresh, precise, or to be swept in the right direction by moonlight and communed with water.

Opal for Love and Relationships:

Throughout human history, Opal has been associated with passion and love, eroticism, lust, sexuality, and eroticism.

If you want to incorporate these things into your life, you must wear your natural opal stone or take it wherever you go.

Numerous claims about this crystal in passion, love, and sexuality have been made. It is a highly seductive stone that enhances emotional states and encourages the release of inhibitions.

It invites you to try new things that you and your partner will enjoy. Opal unleashes your adventurous and wild side. We encourage you to live a little and take more risks, primarily if you can spice up your relationship!

Opal also acts as an emotional stabilizer, showing how emotional you are, teaching you how to be emotionally responsible and mature, and respond without appearing defensive.

Opal reminds us to take responsibility for our emotional state and to have emotions that may prevent us from fully interacting with others. This lets us communicate openly and honestly to recognize our shortcomings.

This gemstone reminds us what we need to do to stay true to ourselves and repair the damage our emotions may have done to our partners and relationships. That said, your feelings are always dreamily valid, and occasionally you must express your opinions, desires, and feelings to stay true to yourself.

Opal helps you realize (and acknowledge) that the way you express these feelings may serve you or others little.

Opal will give you a positive feeling. Promotes kindness, generosity, love, and compassion. Opal helps us focus on what makes us better people and encourages us to surround ourselves with people who bring out our positive impacts.

Opal is a revitalizing and purifying stone that aids emotional recovery after a severe heartbreak. It also works in unhealthy relationships by restoring fire and passion.

It also provides emotional support and encouragement physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Bringing the energy of spontaneity, Opal works into your relationships and reminds you to let go, relax, and unwind with your loved ones.

Zodiac Birthstone 

  • Specialties of October

  • Suitable for Libra and Scorpio

Opal is the gemstone of October and is also linked to those born under the banner of Scorpio and Libra. It marks the time when the night exists in equality and balance. This makes perfect sense because Libra loves balance and continually seeks ways to create harmony in their lives. Libra excels at teamwork, and with its ruler Venus, it is also imbued with nuances of love and devotion.

If you wear Opal, no matter in which form (pendant, ring, or earrings), it will strengthen all your mental and physical powers. As discussed, this gemstone is a super amplifier showing it can take love, harmony, and all that balance and step it up a mark.

One might find that fire opal is a choice for the individuals born under the Libra birth sign since it brings glowing energy and a burst of liveliness, calling on harmony and love without compromising on your boundaries or moving towards pleasing people. If you are a scorpion, you will be benefited from the grace and beauty of the Opal stone. The people under this star have countless tremendous traits – few to mention are determined, loyal, and brave. They can also be prone to jealousy and secretiveness; this is the point where Opal can help. Being a balancer of emotions and with pink and green opals working on the heart chakra, always seek help about the healing nature of this gem when you are feeling down emotionally. Like all other stars, Scorpios are famous for being little conflicting nature personalities sometimes – for instance, they can be passionately independent but also go through dependent phases. If you consider these natural swings, let Opal keep a perfect balance.

Opal for Wealth and Money 

White opal, like pearls, has been seen for centuries as a symbol of status and wealth.

The stone's relative rarity and unique character have contributed to the perception that opal was a stone of luxury, elegance, and high social status in the past.

These days, the beauty of crystals and their undeniable allure make it a sure bet to wear an opal.

If you want to impress a new customer or business partner, this may be suitable for you.

Opal helps us manifest our desires. Also, if it is financial, opal helps keep our motivation high, balances our energies, and keeps us motivated to work hard for what we want.

Opal plays an amplifying and protective role by bringing the energies of change and progress into our financial life and removing negative energies that may hinder our pursuit of wealth.

Opal is a stone of luck and good fortune, bringing abundance, health, and happiness to those who choose to harness its power.

Opal also strengthens your survival instincts, letting you know when to step away from business or financial situations if they are not suitable for you at the time.

What does an Opal look like?

Opals are perhaps best known for their milky white to pearly pastel shades. A rainbow of opal stone colors dances when the stone is viewed from different angles dancing with fire and performing a ghostly "play of colors." Common opal is translucent, opaque, and has no play-of-color.

Fire opals are unique in the opal world, with varying shades of yellow, bright orange, and lustrous gold across the stone's surface, burning the stone from within with the brightness and vibrancy of the fire itself.

What is opal stone? “Meaning of Opal”

What does the stone opal mean? Many scholars believe that the opal name comes from the Latin word "opalus." It may come from the ancient Greek word "pallium," which means to change color, stone, or gemstone. Opal's spiritual meaning is hope, truth, and purity. It is also an enchanting stone that enhances or amplifies emotional states and releases inhibitions. Flint symbolizes the strongest and most profound love. 

What is opal made of?

Curious about how is opal made? Opal is made of silica dioxide. The spheres of silica dioxide are so tiny we cannot see them with the naked eye and can only be seen using an electron microscope. Play of color is the name often given to opal because of spectral colors.

How rare is opal?

Opal comes in many colors other than cloudy white, the rarest of which is black. Collectively prized black opal stone has a deep blue to gray or black body color that is "fiery" or internally lit by a spectacular play of yellows, reds, greens, and blues.

How much is an opal worth?

Opal stone prices vary greatly depending on the color opal stone, pattern, and purity of the stone.

Common opals can be valued between US$10 and US$500 per carat. Precious opals have a much higher price range as they are rarer, with higher quality classified as Extra Fine 1 Carat opals can sell between US$8,000-US$20,000 per carat.

What does opal symbolize?

Opal traditionally symbolizes hope, truth, and purity. This is the stone given to celebrate the 14th wedding anniversary in the past. The opal was considered a symbol of loyalty and security and was often worn as a talisman of loyalty.

What is opal good for?

The dazzling variety of all opal types and opal stone colors, and the captivating hues captured in individual stones, mean iridescent opals can meet your fashion needs. Reflections create eye-catching jewelry and originals. It is considered a balancing stone and wearable; opal is believed to bring peace and harmony to the wearer's mind.

Why is opal so expensive, and where does opal come from?

High-quality opals are rarer than diamonds, and their rarity has skyrocketed opal stone prices. The rarest variety of all opals is a stunning gem with a harlequin pattern found on Lighthouse Ridge, Australia. It is a black opal stone and can fetch as high as $30,000 at auction.

How to tell a real opal?

Most genuine solid opals have irregularities in this area (curved or irregular due to natural formation). Artificial stone, on the other hand, is perfectly flat because the two sections are flattened and can be glued together.

What color is a Galaxy Opal?

Traditional opal in lampwork glass art. It is called "Gilson Opal", "Galaxy Opal", "Created Opal", etc. These are available in 14 opal stone colors, at least Pink Opal, Opal, and Fire Opal.

Real opal vs. fake

Most genuine solid opals have irregularities in this area (curved or irregular due to natural formation). Artificial stone, on the other hand, is perfectly flat because the two sections are flattened and can be glued together.

Is opal wedding ring bad luck?

Opal gemstones range from being considered bad luck to being worn to ward off evil spirits. In ancient times, Romans and Caesars gave their wives opal jewels for luck, a powerful and precious gemstone.

How much is opal bacon worth?

Once classified, opals are sold based on price per weight or carat. There is no singular opal form as there are many opal sources. This means opal prices range from about $10 per carat to about $6,000 per carat.

How to polish opal?

Hand polishing opal without a machine is an excellent way for budding opal cutters to try something new without investing in expensive equipment. In this day and age, hand-cutting can be a meditative process for opals.

Common opal vs. agate

Many stones like agate possess a waxy internal shine. Common opals might not show play-of-color, however, they show beautiful shades. They are available in range of colors like blues, yellows, soft pinks, and greens. Most abundant color in opals is white, although red and black opal are the rarest opals.

What is raw white opal?

The raw white opal requires a hoe. You probably won't spend too much time in the first mine, as it's not guaranteed to find ores, so you may have to revisit mines for a few days before finding the ores you might otherwise overlook.

What is opal used for?

Most of the expensive opal sold in the past was gained from the places now known as Slovakia. Many forms of common opal are broadly extracted for insulation media, ceramics, abrasives, fillers, and ingredients.

Where can you find opal?

Opal is softer and more vulnerable than moonstone. Opal has a Mohs Mineral Hardness Scale of 5.5 to 6.5, meaning that moonstones can be easily scratched or broken, and opal is vulnerable.

Is opal a crystal?

Opal is one of the very few amorphous minerals, which means it does not have a crystalline structure. Besides being amorphous, opal has some more specific characteristics. It consists of numerous small spheres of silica.

How much is black opal worth?

A high-quality black opal stone can cost $10,000 per carat, but it's not easy to find, even for professionals.

How to clean opal rings?

Rinse the solid opal ring with a lathering solution of warm water and a few drops of mild, odorless dish soap. This removes debris and dirt that has built up on the surface of the stone solution and gently rubs the ring.

Is it bad luck to buy yourself opal?

When a gemstone is used or valued for its mystical properties, it is generally due to its aggressiveness or ability to influence optimal results. Some gemstones have earned a reputation for being unlucky for their owners, such as Pearl.

How to care for opal?

A solid opal should be gently cleaned with warm water, a mild detergent, and a toothbrush or soft cloth.

Gold opal necklace is good to wear?

Opals are precious gemstones that can be passed down from generation to generation for a lifetime if properly cared for. Opal is more delicate than other gemstones, but if you follow a few simple rules, you can wear it daily.

How to clean pink opal?

However, too much energy can "fill up" the stone and prevent it from performing its function. Cleaning the stones removes their energy, so you can keep using them! There are several ways to clean pink opal. Soak the pink opal in running water for 1-2 minutes.

How to restore opal color?

Try soaking the stone in warm water for a few hours, then removing it from the water and letting it dry naturally, whether it takes days or weeks to complete.

What month is opal stone born?

The birthstone for October is opal. Depending on where it is produced, it may be tourmaline. Opal is the most famous birthstone for October.

Where to find opal

Opal is one of the most beautiful gemstones you can own. Each opal is personal and unique, unlike most other gemstones, such as sapphires and diamonds. Its wide range of patterns and flashes of color give it its unique look. Buy opal stone in the form of beautiful jewelry at Angel Alchemy and give an elegant touch to almost any outfit.

Written by Zahid Adnan
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