Australian opals and moonstone mini La Luna pendent in solid 14k rose gold semi custom reserved

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Australian opals and moonstone mini La Luna pendent in solid 14k rose gold semi custom reserved

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Lajier D.
One of the last Semi Custom Mini La Luna Pendant (Australian Opals, Moonstone in Rose Gold)

Where do I begin? Last year, The Universe sent me Mandi. I wanted a pendant made with stones that actually resonated with me on spiritual level but made with love and care at the same time. Thus, the hunt began for the necklace made especially for me.

April 2020-April 2021
After finding my twin girls their "made for me" necklaces, I happen to see in one of the "suggested for you" profiles, two of the prettiest stones paired up with the option of a pendant or a ring. I click the profile and I'm brought to Angel Alchemy. As I browse the page, I am in awe at the breathtaking jewelry posted. I follow the page IMMEDIATELY and send a message off PRONTO, cause I gotta own a piece from this brilliant human being.

After a quick salutation, I find out that two stones that caught my eye had been sold but the person responding offers a similar set of stones in place of what's been sold. I'm bummed 😞...

Feb 2021
But a ray of sunshine 🌞, peaks through. After watching all of the pieces being posted I screenshot my favorites and keep them stored, I figured let me reach out again and actually chat with the creator, if possible. So, I reach out again and Mandi, as I find out this beautiful souls name, and I conclude together, that whatever stones call out to her for me is what will be.

March 2021
Mandi reaches out..
The stones for me have found Mandi and they have come together for creation.
After more conversation, Mandi and I have more in common than we actually know, and we are on two opposite sides of the country 😊💜💙.

April 2021
Mandi reaches out, asks me about a couple of options, which I loved. One stone had a small flaw and Mandi was not going for that, she honors her craft, values the integrity of her work and is also transparent. And by this time with all the synchronicities happening, knowing everything is as it should, I consider Mandi a friend and trust her input. So the pendant includes both of our likes.

A cherry 🍒 on top of the cake 🎂....Luna was scheduled to arrive on 4/26 and she was excited to unite with me as I was with her, that she arrived on 4/24, having left Mandi on 4/21.

I am beyond satisfied with my purchase. The whole process was smooth as butter. Not only do I now have my forever necklace (more purchases to come) but I also found a friend in Mandi. Thank you so much for bring her to life 🦋🧿💙💜🧚🏾‍♀️🌸🌺

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Eye catching sparkle

Gorgeous!!! I love everything about these earrings. They’re light and airy and the color is exquisite. Such a unique find, I’m thrilled with them.

Stunning ring!

So happy with this ring, really beautiful and vibrant colours. Thank you!

perfect pairing!

I love this mini little turquoise and opal ring .. goes so well with my other pieces :)

Gorgeous colors

This is my absolute favorite design of Mandi’s I love the colors of this lavender opal with green fire. I will be a lifelong customer!

Beautiful, unique piece

I get compliments on this piece wherever I go! It feels so great to have a unique piece! Mandi is a true artist!

Very Beautiful

This ring is really beautiful and the design is uniques with beautiful lines that make it extremely comfortable..I love it!


This is a lovely and well made ring and the colors are incredible. Thank you Mandi. Shipping was fast and Mandi was very kind.

Absolutely incredible

This is the most beautiful opal I have ever seen! It’s super flashy w blue and purple. The entire ring is just amazing with the tanzanite and emerald as well. Such an amazing work of art, it’s sooo beautiful.

Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher Ring, Alternative Bridal Ring or Accent Ring with Diamonds in 14k Solid Yellow Gold
The perfect ring!

I am absolutely in love with this ring. There is something perfect in the simplicity of the design and elegance of the diamonds. Such a wonderful ring that can be worn everyday. And it looks beautiful on the finger!

Australian opal mood ring is stunning!

I purchased the Australian Opel Moon ring from Angel Alchemy and it is stunning. The gems, opal and tanzanite, are so sparkly and glorious. The overall design of the ring is lovely and the components are so nicely balanced. The overly metal working of the 14k rose gold bring the whole piece together and create a pleasing unity to the overall design of the work. The piece is dainty yet commands presence and demands to be looked at. Overall I am super pleased. On top of that communication with the artist was super present and easy. She was very attentive and easy to reach. She helped with shipping and made the whole process very pleasant.


I have worn this every day since receiving it, including while swimming in the Caribbean. In addition to being a stunning statement piece, it has become a vital personal talisman. Thanks, Mandi! 💖

Spectacular Pendant

Thank you so much for making this special piece for us. It radiates all of the love that you put in--It's simply gorgeous!

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

This piece is beyond beautiful! I never take it off!


I've been wearing my big deamy purple opal all the time. It is so unique and gorgeous!

Oh My Opal

Mandi is a gifted artisan, making magic with her hands straight out of the days of Merlin. She also has the gift of vision, finding special stones and then making jewelry that perfectly showcases them. I fell hard for this piece as soon as I saw it and I feel so privileged to have it on my hand.

Moonflower Magic

Delicate. Magical. Exquisitely beautiful and so well made. Mandi is an artist, and each piece is a masterpiece. I fell in love when I saw it online and it’s even more amazing on my hand. That’s how it works with Mandi’s jewelry. No matter how stunning her photos and videos, the real thing always exceeds my expectations.

So cool!

These earrings are so cool! The stones are beautiful and I love the versatility of the jackets on the back. I can do simple studs or make it more fancy. Beautiful craftsmanship!! Thank you!


I’ve wanted one of Mandi’s amazing unicorn rings for years! They are so magical and this one is has the most beautiful stones. It’s literally like having a multi colored unicorn on my finger! 🦄 Her jewelry is absolutely incredible and she is one my favorite jewelry artisans out there. Keep creating magical jewelry babies Mandi!!! 💗💕🐳🤟

Beautiful piece to add to my collection

I've had my eye on this piece for a long time, so figured an early birthday present to myself was in order. Fast shipping, thank you!


These little pieces of art make my unicorn loving heart happy! Sheer perfection!

Absolute perfection!

What can I say?!? I love this Fae Crown! It’s the perfect beautifully simple addition and who doesn’t love a crown!!!

Beyond Beautiful!

I can’t brag enough on this pendant! It is absolutely gorgeous and I get compliments everytime I wear it! Can’t wait to add to my collection!!!


This is my second purchase and again absolutely breathtaking work. I get so many compliments! I am sure I will be back for more!

Such a beautiful stone!

Love this simple but beautiful statement ring!!


This ring turned out absolutely gorgeous! Everything I have purchased is top quality and beautiful.