Australian Rainbow Opal and Moonstone Talisman Ring in Solid 14k Gold

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This is one of the most amazing Color spectrums I’ve seen in an Australian Opal. The colors rand from greenish gold to blue, yellow, pink, fuchsia, and violet!


Sparking Bight at every angle it pairs perfectly with this custom cut gorgeous moonstone and Gold setting. 


This was was the stone that stood out to me the most our first trip to Australia! And I’ve been kind of hoarding it until I knew for sure how to do it justice. 


Opal Charges the aura with a full spectrum of color, bringing joy and magic to is owner. Moonstone is calming and uplifting. It balances yin energy and connects one with the moon and the power of lunar cycles 

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Rainbow Moonstone and Opal Perfection

All I can say is, if a certain stone combination speaks to you, at the very least inquire about it and if you have the means, order it right away! It is meant to be in your life for a reason. My talisman reminds me of my own power, beauty and Magic. Angel Alchemy perfectly describes Mandi’s work; Combining breathtaking elements of the earth with inspiration and divinity from the Heavens to create one-of-a-kind, otherworldly beauty. Thank you, Mandi! You are an inspiration!

Pamela W.
Rainbow in gold

This ring is breathtaking in every way! The custom stones, exquisite design, and perfect fit are what you get from Mandi every time!!!