Mermaid Talisman Cuff Bracelet

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This Angel Alchemy Mermaid Cuff features top grade Turtleback Larimar, A stunning Australian Opal that flashes purples, pink, peach, blues and emerald green, and a Lavender quartz. ⁣⁣


Lavender quartz is a beautiful mineral that I’ve been trying to source for a long time and I’m so excited about all three of these stones and how beautifully they came together. I’d love to do some cuffs similar this in the future with gold bezels too. ⁣⁣


Now listed in my shop 🎉 ⁣⁣click to shop. It is currently a large but can be sized down for no extra


It’s a medium/large but can be sized down to a small or medium⁣⁣


Opal occurs in nearly all colors, and the dominant color energies of each opal may be utilized to stimulate corresponding chakras. The brilliant play of color in many Opals are useful for activating several chakras and linking them to the Crown Chakra, infusing the aura with full spectrum Light for healing.


Larimar is the cardinal and most favored stone of Angel Alchemy Jewelry, and is one of many that I use ⁣⁣which resonates with Angelic frequencies. Also known as Pectolite, Larimar hails from the Dominican ⁣⁣Republic. It is only found in this one place in the world, and is known as “The Dolphin Stone.” It vibrates ⁣⁣at the elevated, playful, Joyful enlightened state that dolphins understand and demonstrate to us so ⁣⁣well. It carries the knowledge of Lemurian wisdom, the energetic knowledge that has no words. It ⁣⁣emanates a most uplifting vibration, and offers a soft, peaceful, “silky” embrace. ⁣⁣


Lavender quartz is an incredible  stone with opalescent natures flashing sunset peach in certain light but is primarily lilac/pink. It has a soft beautiful energy promoting self love, compassion, and passion for life, and is similar to rose quartz energetically.

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Dreams Do Come True

I find it wild that I had thinking Mandi of Angel Alchemy create a crescent moon with diamonds ring …. And then….. there it was! I absolutely love this ring! It’s such a beautiful design and so so comfortable to wear! I’ve received many compliments on it and inquiries as to wear I purchased it. I’m sure, Mandi, you will be getting many requests! 🥰

The best things come to those who wait...

Waited over a year for this design to come back around and let me tell you it was worth the wait! Beautiful rainbow opal! So in love! My 4th piece from Angel Alchemy :)

Absolutely stunning!!!

I love this beautiful ring so much! It is absolutely incredible.


I am completely obsessed with my new earrings. I have been wearing them every single day, including in the shower, and I even sleep with them on! They are not only cute & unique, but extremely comfortable. This was my 3rd item purchased from Angel Alchemy, and I already can’t wait to add a 4th to my collection!

3rd purchase! Cannot be happier!

The pendant is divinely, speechlessly beautiful!!! It will be treasured for generations! Also, it is so wonderful that this piece is for fundraising for children in Nepal. Mandi is just amazing!

Stunning Ring!

The gemstones in this ring are gorgeous. Mandi goes out of her way to communicate and make sure you end up with the right piece for you. You won’t find these styles anywhere else. They are truly one of a kind!

Beautiful ring

This is my second ring from Mandy. Beautiful quality, as expected. Giant opal is lovely with purple hue and blue overtones. In the sunlight, the opal almost other worldly with appearance of what I could describe as mars rocks/boulders inside of the stone. The tanzanite and other stones are lovely and perfectly set. Thanks again!


Love it even more in person!
Always stunning work.
Great response time and communication and fast and safe shipping.

Gorgeous Ring

This is the most beautiful ring I've ever owned. When I opened the jewelry case I caught my breath. It's my favorite piece in my collection.


This pendant is truly special! The color play between the different cool shades works brilliantly. The size is fantastic as it isn’t too large & also isn’t too small. Opals are so mystical and always seem to capture my heart even though they are not my birthstone. I recommend purchasing a piece as they are made to heirloom quality as stated. Lastly, I really adored the double jump rings at the top of the pendant for added security given it is an investment piece. That just shows the thought that goes into making such extraordinary jewelry! TY AA 

Purple Majesty

Mandi has an eye for picking spectacular stones and I’m thrilled with this ring. As I look at it, I see depth and movement, almost as if there’s water shimmering in the opal. I have purchased several pieces from Mandi and each one is beautifully made. Thank you so much for this purple wonder. I love it.

I heart Opals!!

This ring called to me from across the sea! This was a treat to my self and it is of the highest quality & artisanship. It makes me feel special when I wear it which everyone needs once in awhile (especially after such a wild year). Thank you for creating this. I feel so lucky & blessed just to gaze upon it IRL, happy to be its caretaker while I am lucky!


I purchased this pendant as an addition to a ring I previously bought. The quality of this pendant is exceptional and exactly as I had hoped! Truly, truly stunning work, and I’m so proud to be an owner of this gorgeous piece. I know it is gauche to have emotional attachment to material possessions, but with this piece… I totally do!

Angelic Alchemical Creations!

I have been watching and following the releases of each jewelry set from
Mandi, and finally the stars aligned, the moment was right, and I ordered! The ring arrived even more bright, and beautiful than I could have imagined! It literally vibrates at a high sacred frequency
So thankful 🥹 🥰🥰

Lovely earrings

I love the colors! Such a fun little pair to wear. Dainty and fun.

Even better in person!

These hoops are stunning, the stones are gorgeous, and the craftsmanship is excellent. I'm not a first time customer of Mandi's, and this won't be my last acquisition from her either!

The most stunning ring ever

Absolutely exquisite piece of jewellery with beautiful opals . The ring is more stunning in the flesh if that’s even possible .

Absolute Stunner

I adore art, jewelry and process of creation. Every once in a while, I will find an artist whose work touches my soul. As happened with Mandi and Angel Alchemy Jewelry.
When I first saw the picture of this ring I knew immediately it had to be mine. What an absolute stunner of a ring. Stendhal syndrome comes to mind, as I got the chills and heart palpitations when I saw it glittering in the picture. The colors and opal definitely called to me. The beautiful energy delivered with these stones reflects the maker. I can feel the care and love that went into making this very special ring.
I hope very much to be fortunate enough to purchase more of Mandi's designs in the future. Thank you so much for this gift.


I'm so lucky to be able to add another Angel Alchemy piece to my collection. These opals are amazing, and the combination is beautiful, even better in person!

Majestic & Soul-stirring

My expectations were already high, and this piece still exceeded my imagination. I love all creations from Mandi and hope to keep adding to my collection. Can't get enough of the magical stones in mesmerizing styles and quality that will last for generations. I guess you could say I highly recommend 😍

Sun and moon

The sun and the moon is what I think about when I look at this ring, with the diamonds sparkling alongside them just like stars. This particular opal has different looks throughout the day, with sunlight favoring the blues/ greens and then incandescent lighting bringing out an orangey pink underbelly. The moonstone is also divine, it is so clean and glows in the light. I wish the opal and the moonstone could talk, I can imagine they have their own story to tell. I was wearing this the other day and a stranger commented on my beautiful ‘statement piece’ :). Thank you Mandi!!

gorgeous ring

Such a beauty, stunning in person with many different opal flash colors. Looks like an underwater aquarium. I love it!!

Amazing earrings!

I’ve loved these earrings since I first saw the design, the opals on this particular pair are definitely something special!

How beautiful!!

Words just cannot describe how beautiful this piece is, especially how it shines under the sunshine! I really hoped to capture a photo or two of it under the sun, but was disallowed by my poor photography skills... I‘ve been following Mandi's work for a while and I can alway feel the vibes and energy from the jewelry she created! The first second I saw the post of this ring, I knew I need to get it! You're such a talented artist, Mandi and thank you for bringing this to me! :)